Friday, August 22, 2014

Random thoughts: What is the biggest achievement?

I was shown this video during one of the courses I attended, rather touching, but most importantly, thought invoking.


After reading Stephen Covey book, I realized I am very much a work-centered, family-centered and self-centered person.

Work achievement is easy for all to see, and compare, like the video, the reputation of the firm, your pay and your fame.

The next biggest achievement will be your son/ daughter is also a high achiever in his work life.

The comfort and love from the family is then portrayed as the most important.

It will be really nice, if my son brings me out when I am old.

I know my mindset will most probably changed as I aged, but now, I think I am contented to know my son is doing well and is able to look after himself.

Of course, it will be quite sad, if my son never returns to see me, or only see me during the festivals. But once a month dinner, is enough for me.

Lets just keep the memory and experience short and sweet when he returned.

Self-centeredness at work?  Perhaps.

I do not want myself to cling on any emotion comforts my son brings, it is nice, but my comfort might be his baggage.

I remembered when I am in secondary school, I always wanted a video game set. I went to my friend's place to play often. When my friend wanted to buy 3DO, (not sure anyone remembered it), it offered to sell me his old SEGA set. I am crazy over the strategy game- Romance of the Three Kingdoms III, and I could now get it! He asked me to offer a price. I said:" I don't have savings." He said:" come on, its yours for a hundred bucks, and you get all my games free." I really wanted it! All the savings I had was $70, and I offered it. Its a deal.

I enjoyed the game, enjoyed the set. But anxiety start to set in. My mum did not like me spending long hours in front of the TV. I only played after I finished my work, and after I help them with the household chores. I realized I could not have my kick of the game, I am constantly disturbed. I played in the middle of the night, got scolding.

During my NS days, my parents retired. When I come home, they treated me like King, I did not need to help out at my dad stall too, that free out a lot of time, I used part of my first back-paid allowance for NS, was a few thousands, first time in my life I got so much money on playstation set.

No one stopped me from playing. I remembered feeling so bliss just to be playing final fantasy.

So sorry, kinda of out of point. My point is: video game is like such a easy wish to be fulfilled, but when I get my hands on it at 19, after craving it for a decade, I totally enjoyed and appreciated it.

I like one thing that video brought about in me... Appreciation and letting go. So many times, I wanted it, and couldn't have it, so near yet so far. When my wife is pregnant, I stopped playing videos. My wife told me I could still do it. I say I do not like the feeling of playing something, enjoying it and missing it because I need to wash the next bottle. I do not like the feeling of clinging to something. If I cannot have something, I don't want it at the first place. If something I do not wish happens, like the buying of a car, I can only learn to make the best out of it.

So what is the best achievement?

For me, its satisfaction with myself. I know. I am self-centered. Maybe Grasshopppers has a big center that is centered around themselves.

Not that I do not want material successes, I wanted it! I wouldn't be investing if I do not hanker over them. But when one trainer ask me to visualize a perfect life. I seriously think, my perfect life is now, being contented.

When I need to share my vision of wonderful life with a partner, I told her, I am sorry, I really think all the things we vision is not happiness, but if you really like something tangible, I like to be popular with ladies, and with pretty women falling head over heels over a rich and handsome me. LOL


  1. I like that you are being honest to yourself, too often a times, we hide our flaws and become defensive when people see us clearly for who we are. Great sharing.


  2. sillyinvestor,

    And she still married you after you told her you like to be popular with ladies, and with pretty women falling head over heels over a rich and handsome you!?

    What the ....?

    You know black magic right?

  3. Love your post. I share a similar sentiment. Used to have a lot of "if-only". If only I was smarter. If only I was lucky. If only I was born rich. Etc etc etc. On retrospection, I realize I have the kind of life to be contented about - a stable career, a caring spouse and the freedom to pursue my financial goals.

    I can do with more money, but I can also do with less. Taking life as it is.

  4. Aiyo the...

    I said trainer ... So it's a workshop partner, not a life partner.

    But my wife knows most of my dark secrets and paste relationships la, I open. She understanding... That is before we get married.

    After that, when you still meeting her? I become the head of family but she the neck, ask me up where go where, not to go, I don't go...

    Like you say"gu niang" hubby

  5. Hi s REIT system investor,

    Welcome to my humble blog. First time seeing you here.

    I always need to constant remind ourselves, and as easily as I am contented, I get discontented too.

    Investment is one simple area where very often I am not contented with my results.

    But just like it is, taking life as it is. So much easier to hit equilibrium isn't it?

    Nice to find another like-minded mutated grasshopper. I not pure grasshopper like SMOL u see

  6. Hi Y,

    Thank you. Easier to be ourselves online, we can easily fudge between who i am and what I want. But it's me nonetheless...

    Only until recently, profile test always shown me as someone with split personality LOL

  7. Nice second video ... Just seen it...

    True ... Sad if Kena dementia ...

    But those around also had it tough... Especially if they are trying

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