Saturday, September 27, 2014

Random thoughts: A short, temporary change of surroundings

We often heard the saying, we need to change ourselves to adapt to the surroundings. Guess you would have heard the saying, "if you don't change, everyone will be the same"

Of course, such classics sayings have their truth. But I have 2 different experiences to share.

1) I went back to Whampoa to visit my parents with my family. The Whampoa Balestiar Area is where I grow up, besides the good food, which the place is famous for, it also has a very high proportion of elderly in the area. I almost missed one old uncle standing on the middle of the road, with his head twisted and walking slowly and aimlessly across the road. 

When I reach my dad's block, there are many elderly chatting at the coffee shops, I saw one old man half naked trying to cool himself from the heat and another lying in front of a closed shop sleeping...

The point is, it reminded me very clearly that there are poor people, I should be very happy and blessed to be able to report to work every weekdays. It made reframing of our mind from the hustle of workplace so much easier. Of course, I looked at them, and wondered if I will be like that if I am old, then I think prefer to be productive and working at old age, wow, working till I die didn't seem scary and demoralizing immediately. Doesn't matter it is not by choice but forced by circumstances that I need to work. Having a job at old age might be a blessing by itself. I am not speculating they those I saw are unhappy, I am just reframing my mind because of a chane of surrounding make it easier.

2) I always thought everywhere is the same in terms of workplace. I couldn't be more wrong. I don't think I changed much in the short span of 2 months, but I not longer think "everywhere is the same" mantra hold true. 

Maybe we should move ourselves away once in a while


  1. Hi SI,

    I will prefer to continue to work even after the official retirement age. I work because I choose to, not because I have to. We can work on something that is of interest to us and our surrounding - it can be charity work etc....

  2. Hi David,

    If we want to work, then whether it is by circumstances or by choice, it's effect is mostly physiological than tangible. Of course, mental comfort is important and be considered tangible too...

    But once we see work as a blessing instead of a driving force for financial freedom, we breath easy and find time to chill