Friday, September 12, 2014

Random Thoughts: The effective way of learning

Went for a course, was shown a learning triangle which show the average student's retention rate.

Before we were shown the pyramid, we were asked to guess the order by sequencing the different learning methods ourselves.

I got the first and last correct. Least effective in terms of retention rate is Lecture and most effective is teaching others.

I thought Reading should do better. I know I learn about investment theories through reading,

When I think about my learning of investment, a lot of it doesn't make sense until I think further. Read the questions first, and see if you have the same conclusion as me.

1) If Lecture is least effective, when are people paying good money to go for them?

2) What is the easiest way to apply "Teach Others" without flouting the law and break relationships when what you teach turn out wrong or they applied it wrongly.

3) Who are the strongest advocate of practice by doing?


Now for the answers.

1) They provide the fish. The counter you can buy at the end of the session.

2) Blog about it. Just like me LOL. But we always have disclaimer that we are not giving advice. Teaching is not giving advice

3) Day traders. They buy, sell almost every day. Long term investors? Oh no, how to frequently invest long term? It is a inherent conflicting term. Although we can practice researching and scuttle butting.

So if you read a company AR,researched about it, you should followed it up by discussing it at forum, summarized it at your blog.

As for audio-visual, can't seem to find a parallel in investment learning journey.

As for demonstration, you can always see bloggers and forumers track records.

Problem is, investment has no right answers!

LOL !!!

So even if your retention rate is 100%, you may still fail your exams!

Sorry, a bit bonkers today. excuse my nonsensical post.

Chill, its Friday!


  1. sillyinvestor,

    I have a stupid question!

    What's the difference between Lecture and Teaching Others?

  2. Hi SMOL

    Think from the perspective of student going throu lecture and task to be a "mini teacher" for a particular topic.

    One is passive listening, the other is internalize info then transmit it again to someone else

  3. wow, this post hits me hard since i am an educator , haha.

    hmmmmmmmmmm, why would people pay to listen to lecture? Simple , because the herds are still wanting it (demand) and the lecturers/trainers/coach (suppliers) are providing it on the other end.

    If you look at the education today, the landscape has changed quite a bit where technology and learning methods have differ from 2-3 decades ago.

    Students in primary schools are now using ipads, laptops and mobile apps to solve math and science equations and in higher learning, it is more advanced with interactive learning tools like D2L, joinme, etc to spur the learning environment.

    Just because i am mentally challenged to multi-task does not mean the Gen Ys are not able to. They have their own unique way of learning - texting, watching videos, copying notes, giggling at jokes behind and asking questions , hopefully.

    We all have different learning styles and if the subject is of interest to the students, then they might be take an initial interest. The rest as they said is up to the skills of the lecturer to retain through.

    I am a ferocious reader and must say i have learnt a lot from many authors local and abroad.

    To bring forth the subject to practice is an area that i am very keen to explore and hope to impart that to my students. Then again, what i think is good for them may not be what they think it is to them.

    Perhaps, that explains my obsession with human behaviour and my accidental business - coaching, haha

    1. Hi Desmond,

      Actually there a good population of pupils that are not IT savvy.

      I have been to 2 different schools, one affluence, one not. Even in the affluence school, there is a small pocket if pupils with little access and a good number who are not savvy about it.

      The school in neighborhood, u can have half. I see the value-addness of technology in engaging pupils and also in some cases,, effective. But I think the IT story is now taken a tad too far in the sphere of education

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