Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Random thoughts: Making the best out of work

About 6 years ago, I went to see a psychiatrist for anger management problem. He couldn't find out what is the cause of my flare-up. He ask me how would I grade my satisfaction or happiness I have with my job. I gave a 7. He told me that is very good.

Fast forward to today, I would still give it a 7- 7.5. How would u grade your job?

In my job, or perhaps in many jobs, passion is important. I remember a trainer telling me his secret to keeping his passion alive. I thought I share his view and my own, since we spend so much time on work, and if we treat work as a blessing, time flies and escapade become less necessary.

1) Mutiple sources of passion 

We all have something that we like about our job. Some specific part of our job, no matter how small that it, work hard and give your best on that, it will automatically recharges. It holds true for me too.

As for areas, where u do not really like, think of the whole purpose and greater " calling " of the job, and Infuse those into the uninteresting part.

Third, bring your interest and hobby into your job. Work and pleasure mix well, since we work long hours and should derive pleasure from our job.

2) Applying the third source of passion

I like investing. I have no idea how to infuse that in my job which is vastly different. 

So, my take for this will be, just be yourself. In my line of work, I do not really have to put on 3 layers of armor. Of course, only stupid or courageous people appear naked in front of others all the time, but u dun have to be inside an amour vechicle all the time.

Be nice to people, and build relationship. The higher you climb, the more difficult it is, but be nice and sincere. People will see it soon. People relations is the core reason or top reason, I heard from my higher boss, why people leave our industry.

3) Cut yourself some slack.

We all want to be the golden boy of the company, the favorite of our bosses, the idol of our subordinates. 

We should strive for that, and give all that we have got. But there is no need to get all ga- ga when things dun turn out too well. In my line of work, I always have second chance, and if my "sales" is not good, we can always try again. 

4) Set your priority 

Is climbing the Coporate leader or getting that pay raise or performance bonus your top priority? I like to have them and will work hard to get them. But my priority is still my customers and my interaction with them. 

Being a perfectionist is the fastest way to burn out, and be overwhelmed with the things that deplete our passion.

5) Embrace changes

Changes are uncomfortable, but if nothing changes, it is boring. Think of new ways to pitch, to plan... And went things go wrong, apply rule 3. Be sad, and demoralized but get on with work the next day. 

Find the next connecting point between you and your customer. Enjoy the Eureka moment. 

6) Low points are inevitable 

Low points can be push forces that tell you it's time to apply point 5. But don't think or start to question yourself like you married the wrong wife and has 2 children and can't wait to get a divorce, but felt so helpless. It will come and go. At the low points, just look forward to the end of day. At the lowest point, there is no point looking far anymore because your view is obstructed by the mountain in front of you. Just focus on surviving and look forward to the night's sleep. 

If the low point doesn't go away, apply point 5. The longest period I had is about 2 months which I hate going to work. But had I allow the 2 months to decide my future, I wouldn't enjoy my years of 7/10 satisfaction in my job.

7) Let go

When you are not afraid to change your job, you will realise how much you like your job truly. You can then better reframe your mind that your job is a painful blessing.


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  1. Sillyinvestor,

    Interesting peeling the onion post!

    The more we reveal about our experiences, the easier it's for readers to piece through the context and perspective on why we say the things we say.

    We are more "flesh and blood" rather than idealised mannequins just for "window dressing" only.

    Gan Bei!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks pf!

      Was wondering to pen this down or not, I thought I should stop writing things that everyone knows...

      In fact, I already went to bed, thinking: dun write something so bo Liao la, until my stomach start aching and I need to visit my calling that I finished the post as I answer the big call of nature

  3. Great post. Set me thinking about my own job.

    1. Glad you like it. S-REIT investor, maybe share what u are thinking about your work???

      My job is missing the friends factor now.... New place, new customers

  4. SMOL,

    Cheers and gam bei, I bottoms up, da...I drink tea you drink wine...

    Da da ... Order some chilli stingray to go with the beer shall we? Huh? I over? Sorry, from Drama society.. LOL

    Glad you enjoy the post. Bring out the Nv er hong!!

  5. Hi Silly Investor

    I realised that work do not start when you reach your work place , work starts when you leave your house and on the way commuting to the work place.

    Especially when commuting by mrt... almost all face looks the same expression..added on the " world class transport " effect . *sigh*

    1. Hi STI

      I like the commuting to work. I can catch a nap or just look around. I board the bus at interchange, so I always get a seat. There is no elderly in the wee mornings usually, I do not have to give up my seat.

      Looking at them, always give me the feeling, I am not alone. Many has it tough. Make me appreciate what I have.

  6. Hi Silly Investor, nice post with salient pointers!

    Hope your anger management thingy is swee swee now and under control. One tip from me : in life, we cannot control other people's action or external situation but we can definitely control our reaction ;-)

    1. I very very seldom get upset, but when I do, the intensity can be scary.

      Maybe like a dormant volcano, it can be quite deadly when it erupts.

  7. i like this post, and i really like your comments on liking your commute to work. I think when we take a step back from our annoyance and our train of thoughts and really dwell in the moment and think beyond our own thoughts and self pity - whether on a train ride, or waiting for the bus - the world comes alive and we marvel at the world and the people, each with their own complex thoughts and life circumstances.

    1. Yup agree.

      I have not taken public transport for a very long time. Today, I seize the opp to bring my son to the car servicing center and took the public bus back.

      Told my son to look around him, how every one need to work to earn money. My son ask me why public bus no seat belt, I say it is a public bus. Everyone get on and off frequently. I told him his fare is free, and he replied the school bus is free too. I told him I already paid for his school bus transportation arrangement, but he don't seem to understand, since he did not see me tapping the card. Faint... Need to ask my MIL to show him next time.

      But glad that me nagging of money don't fall from the sky, don't everything Also want, finally rub off on him. Because he said that to me, when I ask what he learn from the trip.

      And his trip is free!!

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