Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Random thoughts: After thoughts after moving to blogger

Most readers would know I used to blogged at wordpress

I came over so that I could apply for Adsense, although I need to wait 6 months, I decided against going for other options as I believe "good things are worth waiting for"

I also thought of increasing viewership/ readership for the 6 months would be a good idea. I thought if I do regular company prospecting, my radar expands, my posts frequency increase, my readership increase, and Volia, It is a Win- Win situation.

I am aware the advertisement fees if any, in the end, would most probably in just tens of dollars, perhaps in a year? I simply just like the challenge, and took it up.

I didn't realized it has such a profound impact on me. Blogging has help me internalize and crystallize my thoughts, I am glad I once again face my inner demons:

1) salesman mode
I realized I have been going around blogs to leave a comment, I do not leave comment for comment sake, but I do know I would otherwise not go beyond 3-4 regular blogs and only read blog post that particularly interest me in aggregation sites.

2) Discomfort
I find myself questioning a lot more when I comments, or write a post. When in the past, it is WT......, I just write how I feel. Now I can get this nagging feeling the stupid pursuit of a challenge that is so not monetary rewarding is affecting my "voice". I noticed it, I do not like it.

3) Clinging
Silly it may sound, I actually check my "stat" quite frequently now, and also which are the posts that generated more reads. In a few months, I sort of get a sense of what "posts" are more in demand than others, in the past, I didn't even bother. Commercialization is not a bad thing, but I think I am not managing it properly or internalizing it properly.

I also spend more time facing the wall of glass panel (iphone), checking if someone leave a comment, some bloggers actually replied it, did I write in another way that is offensive.

Finally, I realized I lost the most important ingredient in my writing, the voice is that of "honesty", not that I write about any mistruths or distort any information, but I stop asking "why I feel like this, and what really is my thoughts and feelings" on this matter, in fact, it became, will this post be popular? What classification of post is this? Am I writing about interest, will readers just think that I am pulling a fast one on them. In fact, when I write the "number world" story, I was very excited, I enjoy it. But it is of lowest readership. It affect the writing mode. Sad, isn't it. Not the low numbers, but how my passion is determined by a meaningless numbers. Money is number, although it has more meaning. LOL

Nonsense. I even thought of reviving wordpress. I reminded myself, it is not the platform, I do not need a wordpress to declare I am not doing it for money anymore. I always use my investing experience/ insights in my workplace, for once, my experience in my workplace come to place. It is not the tool, it is the person behind it that make all the difference. The HQ is trying to give us all the tools so that we find the right one and flourish, but many end up using the tool for the sake of using it.

My discomfort, has nothing to do with the tool. Returning to the basic is better. I will not give up on the challenge, I would like to see my blog being approved by Adsense in 6 months, it is also but another tool. Forget numbers, just remember why I write.    


  1. Hi Sillyinvestor,

    I blog to share my knowledge, ie actually the fact is that it is actually not difficult to reach financial independence using simple principles. It's your post and our exchanges previous which prompted me to do so.


  2. LOL thanks Paul for your encouragement

    The pleasure is mine. The interaction with you is fruitful, one of those moments in investing when many dots get connected.

    Although I have been investing for a decade, those connecting moments are few, less than 10? But it is getting more frequent in recent years.

  3. Hello Sillyinvestor,

    Welcome back, my friend.

    For a moment, I was worried...

    I still remember the scintillating exchanges we had when we first visited each others' blog. And when I wrote with seething anger beneath, you noticed it.

    That was the siillyinvestor that I knew.

  4. Thanks SMOL,

    I am glad I cross another purely physiological barrier of mine.

    I felt it inside me for a while, and I also noticed the Coldness in your reply to my comments...

    Sensitive new age guy ?? LOL

    Glad to be back

  5. Hi silly investor,

    This one must talk to me :) I've been blogging since 06, going through all the stages you've described. Take it from me, that in the end, either Google is going to ban you (lol) or you're so jaded with the little money trickling in that you might not want any ads at all. In the event that you strike a blogger mine and be very popular, you'll want ads that is tailored and customised and not go through a 3rd party on like Google.

    Enjoy this stage while it lasts ;)

    1. LP,

      Enjoy??? Hmm think the enjoyment stage is the getting to know people. The money is really Bo Liao la....

      But I am like that la, jian ming, must been there done that ...

      A rite of passage as a truth blogger?

      Even if results exceeds my expectations by 10 folds, I get a couple of hundreds a year instead of couple of tens...

      I just need to buy 1 more dividend stock...

      If I give my time to tuition , then returns much much higher...

      Si bei Bo Liao, but Bo Liao also want to experience ... LOL

  6. Hi SillyInvestor,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog a couple of days ago. Having people comment on our blogs do give us some encouragement and motivation to continue blogging.

    Although we all know blogging should be something that is out of interest and not anything else, we sometimes steer our own mindset to compare with others.
    I remember when I was young and I started blogging of my life. I privatized that blog for memories. Looking back, I see naive self, without much knowledge and experience (and no public views), blogging every other day without fail as it was a substitute of a diary to express myself. I enjoyed it back then.

    If there is a way to stop our natural competitive mode, open up our heart and not thinking much with our posts, I believe we will establish the most truthful, personal and lovely blog :)

    On top of finance stuffs, I am considering to blog about life in future when I gain more real experiences and broader knowledge. You think I am capable of it? HAHA! :)

    The IA

    1. IA,

      Of course you could, everyone's experience is different. Everyone has some Gem in their live. You do not have to be superstar or millionaire to blog, those can get a audience on newspaper or magazine.

      Blogs are a platforms for the guy next door ...

      Enjoy your army... There will be plenty to blog about, just leave out the classified part...

      Ar... Those were the days... Pure ... Courageous ... Fit

      U remembered passing my ATM and password to my platoon mate to ask him to withdraw some money for me.

      The bitterness and demoralization of BMT when we return camp...

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