Saturday, January 17, 2015

Random thoughts: 2 weeks and looking into 2015

These 2 weeks have been emotional rich for me. Plenty of me time for "ah huh" moments. 

I didn't really set resolutions for 2015. I think I can now. 

1) Keep running once a week

2) Always try to bring a smile to my family. I have been busy, some nights I worked till 1 am ( because I lazy to do some admin work earlier on) and down will flu. So very often, I have been quite zombie. Today, is those days again. My wife asked why I so stone and serious, I said effect of medicine. I feel apologetic as I am frequently in the state of "stone". It's only when I try to put the wind shield on my car and pretend to be hit that I heard my wife giggle. How sweet the sound, I realised I actually find her "lor so" and immature many times, but I never really try to make her smile. Let's see if I can get her to smile at least a few days in a week. Same goes for my parents ( both side, giving blessing as in Santa Claus) is my hidden resolution when I write that post, but never get on with it.

3) Work. Continue with what I believed. As a middle manager, I always ask myself what is my "value"? I felt in my new school, there are many capable people who can do my job better. So I remind myself, whatever I want to change, must impact pupils directly.

I will take away as much admin chores as possible. SEM and review writing is mine, I want them to do proper reflection.

Be kind to mistakes, complaints. As long as they are not taking pupils for a ride, all weaknesses should be forgiven, and have a warmth environment to teach with little stress.

I always think I might be happier if I am just a teacher. Until I met another middle manager trying to push work to others, I can say "no" due to my "position", what if I am at the lower food chain, not sure if it will kill the passion. I resolute never to do that knowingly.

Keep exploring new methods to teach. I am having fun. Especially when I tried removing the tables and chairs and switch off the fans to experince hardship of Samsui women. My class till now remember how 辛苦means. I ask them to carry 2 bags over their shoulder and experince the weight. Give them coupons as pay. Ask them to exchange it for table or chair, or if they want to keep it for the final exchange of waiver to do writing exercises. One remarked: 老师,你不会去抢!”. What a authentic context to teach about exploitation! 

Sorry about rattling about my lesson. My pride! Lol. I keep tempting them throughout to give up their coupons to exchange for a chair or get back their bags. Half the class gave in. The last 6 standing, I explain 吃苦耐劳,and节省。I thought it will be more effective than using powerpoints. But alas, the next day, most forgotten the words, only can remember 辛苦。LOL. Think only 2 remembered most.


  1. Hi Silly investor

    今天辛苦, 算了吧,明天会过去的 :)

    1. Hi B,

      Yup. I also tell my student that. How to differentiate between 辛,幸


      Still waiting for you to fly the same friendly sky

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha.
      Then you are SEO
      fat fat salary:)

    2. Silly investor.
      Think you at most mid 30. So young can be hod. So good!

    3. Hi Yeh,

      I think my pay is very decent, I have no complaint la.

      But then, looking back what I have acheived in terms of portfolio, it is not hard to understand what there is a period of inner demon. Where I felt I am going nowhere as I finaicial blogger.

      In terms of financial well being, you are well ahead. Well better late than never. LOL.

      I know of many who are HOD and who are younger than me. I am lucky to meet my previous P who appreciate what I do.

      I am the least driven HOD in my school ... Pian Jia.. Fake a living

    4. Well.
      I also plan jia:)

      You have good health which I don't have
      You have 2 children which I also don't have.

      All these money can't buy.

      And you can work till very old age. And I think I at most can work maximum 10 more years which is 40 years old.

      Not sure whether my health allow me to work by that time not.

      So i have to earn enough medical fee to support my future days leh.

      If got money, at least I will be less worried when I am very sick and not able to work.

    5. Hmm. Yeh

      Sorry to hear that. What ills you? If is uncomfortable to share, is ok. Hope everything is fine with you.

      I have thyroid, but it's under control.

      Ya. True. If I can work till 65, I dun think I have any retirement fund problem. But if I want to semi retire any earlier, it might be tough, (unless I catch the next bear and bull with the right amount of capital)

      Anyway, if health is a issue, take it easy. Be flexi-adj plus tuition. Hours about the same, but stress free, no meetings, no CcA and I think can keep 60-80% of last drawn pay.

      Home early, then go see hill see flowers.

      take care !! Yeh.

      With your size of port, another 10 years should be enough for you to take a slower pace

    6. Since I was a 12 years old child, I diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.

      Now under medication, but one day my kidneys may lost its function. Then I may need dialysis or kidney transplant.

      I do not know when that day will come.

      so that is why I save most of my salary. And just spend few hundred per month.

    7. Yeh,

      Let's us live each day by itself. It can be very fulfilling too.

      To the hell with x returns Blar blar. We save, we enjoy! Ganbei !!

      One of my staff has father with blood cancer. Took 2 month NPL, she is only child, high burden. Ask her if she will extend her leave, she said no money, need to work, with 2 kids around. Ask how is her hubby helping, she said her hubby's mum down with stroke.!

      Such is life. Sigh ... Thanks for letting me know.

      Do keep a good diet. My diet has only 35% of kidney functioning. Not sure when his day will come too ... Sigh...

    8. well, your dad has kidney impairment too?

      how is his creatinine?
      mine is about 160-180.

      one lucky thing is i am malaysian so i can enjoy free medication. else if i so sick and need to take so much medicine per day( about 15 pills) . i think i at least have to pay 1.5k sgd per month.

      i am taking chinese herb ( own cook) , it did help me to delay the deterioration of my kidney function.

    9. btw i don't not feel my life is suck. i still can work, can walk and can laugh.

      well, some people are even unfortunate than me. they are sick and can't even work.

      i am blessed with what i am having now, a hubby, a job, two good siblings and some good friends:)

    10. Yeh,

      I can't remember his creatinine level already. Me bad.

      All I know is when it hit 15% he will need dialysis, and for 6 months, it is stable.

      Great job in keeping the spirit high. I am not sure if I can be like my staff or u when my turn comes.


      My dad is pioneer generation, actually in Singapore, the bills even before the PG is quite ok, just a lot of waiting.

      Anytime u want a listening "eye", just drop a comment. LOL.

      I am online most of the time, as u am one of the 低头族

    11. thanks you.
      silly investor. probably because i have no kids, so that is why i have more time than others.

      yes, my mum incident make me a bit emotional recently, think of that amount of money gone. i feel heart pain. Probably i have to work few month for free to earn back that amount of money.

      btw i just create a new blog. i see you and others blogging so happily. so i also try try.

      well, i think most of the time, i will just blog about songs:)

    12. Hi Yeh,

      That's great! Let me have your link of blog.

      Yes, blogging is story of the man next door, not legends or greats, just Xiao Ren Wu.

      The greats can be read from
      Books, newspaper.

      Of course there are also celebrity bloggers. Have fun!!

    13. Click on the nick. Then will lead you to the blog.

      Actually I have no much to post. Just some songs and home cooked foods.

      well. I bought a lot of shares. But i do not know how to share my opinions and analysis.

      Maybe I buy shares based on feeling:) hahaha.

  3. Teaching is a tough job. Good on you for persevering in this profession.

    renewed investor

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Renewed investor. I got a feeling we are / were in the same line.

      Am I correct?

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