Saturday, January 17, 2015

Random thoughts: NTUC warehouse at Joo Koon

NTUC warehouse is a place that required membership. But if u are just taking a look around, there is no need to pay.

It is a surprising nice place for kids.

The corridors are wide. Enough for them to run a around a bit, and it is not crowded on a Sunday morning. The items on display are mostly in bunk, so my boy and niece cannot take them easily, unlike neighborhood NTUC, I am always worried about them dropping or breaking anything.

There is a walk in chiller. My 2 kids have a  great time running in and out and experiencing "winter" LoL. Even if I had some fun doing that... Hehe 

As for products, not really all things are cheap, you need to select. Some of the big packets chocolate, candies are really cheap because it is expiring in late February. So not really useful. But I still
Manage to get big bag of Hershey chocolates, and my wife got big box of hello panda, Skittles and yanyan for her pupils too. Ya, she more generous.

Some of the new year decorations are really cheap. A long vase for putting YiNg Liu is only $8!! I saw a vase going for $40 at ikea. 

The yong tau fu are frozen, but I think it really cost less than what you get by piece at wet market. I think if we are cooking for big family, the yong tau fu can last 2 meals. 

The staff are friendly too. 


  1. Well. You got 2 kids?
    Haha. I thought you only got 1 kid.

    and you are thinking to have number 3?

    1. Hi Yeh

      The other is my wife's sister kid. My niece. We bring them out quite frequently.