Sunday, January 4, 2015

Random thoughts: beating the heat in a morning walk

In the past, we always have this weekend walk/ trek at Mount Faber or botanic gardens. As parents get older, they cannot take the slope and sometimes even I can't stand the heat. We end up just walking for half an hour.

I know of a few good places that are outdoor, yet well sheltered.

This blog is about the Sentosa Broadway.

From vivo, walk along the Broadway just beside the harbour and enjoy the view. A few tug boats polluted the otherwise fresh air.

Not too bad a view right? And it is sheltered

We even find a baby monitor lazard, happening right?


  1. Haha nice place.. my wife and I go there to pak tor when we were dating last time..

    1. Yup, been there for pak tor too. But with kids, it's twice the enjoyment.

      Singapore is a great place isn't it

  2. Lol I was just there during the weekend. Walking through that sentosa gateway from vivo ;)

    1. Hi B Great place isn't it.

      The morning breeze is great. But the air smell of Disesel.