Friday, January 23, 2015

Random thoughts: ideas for stall at a flee market

There is this flee market whereby pupils will sell goods (guided by teachers) and the proceeds will go to charity.

I thought it is a worthwhile initiative and agree to take part. Then I realized I have to source for the supply myself and have to plan everything. Another project with the concept of learning entreprenuership has the supply provided, and marks are awarded for presentation. I thought of both to be the same. I took part in both, think I must be crazy or think myself to free, looking back.

Initially, I thought, how bad can it be. I have been analysising business haven't I?

I thought of balloon castle, selling stationary with a unique packaging message etc. The real problem is cost! When I source for the supply using contacts and online. The cost I can get is about $1 to $2. I intend to sell it at only $2, any higher, I think will be quite a turn off. Best part, if I do not make a profit, I do not mind, but all the money will go to waste and I will feel bad trying to  recover cost, and will most probably just treat my seed money as donation too.

My CCE HOD who used to run a business outside, see me thinking through this event (her project actually, I am just a participant), told me she will do a donation drive and ask pupils to package the collected items nicely so that they are involved not just in the selling process. And it will be FOC. What a brilliant idea! She has kindly agree to let me share the "loot" oops, no la, collection. 

Anyone has any brilliant idea? Leave a comment or if you want privacy send me an email? I intend to only use $200 for this "venture"

LOL, sorry for being a giam gana


  1. hi SI

    still can sell stationery , buy it online through tao bao. cheap and nice.

    i can confirm to say, even you have a good profit margin, but your selling price will be much much lower than school book shop or popular.

    of course, you need to spend some time to search for good quality and cheap stationery.

    2nd idea , i actually think can chinese new year accessories. pupils can buy to decorate their house.
    teachers can buy too for own house or classroom decoration.

    another way, also integrated chinese traditional culture and festival into the programme.

    win win situation.

    i think with budget sgd200, can get many many cheap and nice stuffs from taobao.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Yeh, thank you for telling me about Taobao. My colleague was asking about it, indeed, there are plenty of stuff there.

      New year would be over then, the event is jn the march holiday. But at least now I know how things work!! Great!!

  2. HI SI,

    Ask the kids to do their own handicrafts. Limited edition because it's only 1 piece. Some ideas include the bracelet loom thingy, bookmarks, small gift cards, chinese new year cards etc...Firstly, you let the creative idea come from the students themselves. They may have hidden talents you might not be aware of. Secondly, they will be involved in the process of making a project just for the purpose of raising fund for others. It'll be meaningful. To make it meaningful to your subject, maybe reduce the scope of the handicrafts to just calligraphy or new year cards.

    I hope all the customers will flee to your flea market stall ;)

    1. Hi LP,

      You are a wonderful teacher! Your idea and Yeh gave me resources for future undertaking!!

      I was talking to my colleague about this. My colleague was telling me not to look at it from cost - profits point of view! But fr learning point of view.

      It opened my eyes. I know what I want to sell then.


      Kite flying is a culture during Qingming, and is a great idea for parents to run outdoors with kids.

      Kites represent flying and soaring of dreams. I told him I am worried it don't sell, I dun mind the cost but worried about wastage and morale of pupils. He told me there is still a carnival!! Yeah !! Problem solved!!

  3. Hi SI,

    Just to share what my colleague did for her daughter's flea market in school. He bought like 100 cupcakes and sold them at 100% above cost. He can probably ask his daughter to do some DIY topping on the cupcakes but I think he just ask her to prepare the store. Not sure where he got his lobang from but a simpler method is to go NTUC and buy 2 big cartons of soft drinks and sell each packet at $2 each. Nobody is going to mind since it is for charity and every kid loves a soft drink Granted this may not be the best way to learn creativity but at least your kid will learn a important lesson called Marketing - how cheap everyday items can be re-marketed and sold at a premium.


    1. Derek,

      No food and drinks allowed. lOL, but you gave me a great idea for that!

      I already have a idea! Kites!!!

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