Friday, April 3, 2015

Random stories: Candle flame

Candle is in pain.

It is burning.

It's tears trickle down as it burns. How it wish the pain will go away.

It snubs itself out.

It is still bright. The rest of the candles are burning.

"Why are you doing this to yourself?"

"It is our destiny to be fulfilled" replied one.

"We burn ourselves to bring warmth and light to others, you will understand soon." said another.

Candle felt miserable, "why go through all the pain when in the end, all they have left will be a wretched stump at the bottom? So what if he burns brightly! The brighter he burns, the faster he will be gone."

Suddenly, a number of candles got snuffed out.

"No! No one can burn brighter than me! I am the brightest of you all. Hahahah"

And soon enough, all that was left of him was a tear of wax.

"How odd? How extreme?" Candle thought.

Very soon, those that get snuffed off, light themselves up again.

"Come on!" they said. "Lets make this whole world a brighter place."

Candle, lights itself up again. Now that he is alight, he saw some of the candles snuffed and refused to experience the  burning experience again. "Leave us alone, we are not bleeding hearts. You guys go ahead and burn." they said

Candle snuff itself out again...

He went to the darkest corner, and lights itself. "May I bring a glimmer of light, no matter how short it may be" he thought, and he decided that it is where his last tear will fall.

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