Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Random thoughts: Balance in life?

Balance is Ying and yang, opposite forces checking each other, other see conflict, some see harmony

I work a fast paced life to have a slower life in the future.

I go through the dark to appreciate to relative brightness.

I want to earn money quickly in the shortest possible time so that it can lasts the longest time.

I want to do whatever as and whenever as I pleased but have no idea what whatever looks like.

I want to be happy so I try to make those around me happy.

I lived today as best as I can as I know tomorrow will end too.  

In investing, a receding tide sinks all boats, but a raising tide doesn't raise ALL boats.


  1. "I want to be happy so I try to make those around me happy."???

    1) Want?

    2) Try?

    3) Have you been around an unhappy person who makes those around him happy?

    1. SMOL,

      First of all, a toast to u as appreciation. I do not actually expect a comment with such a short post.

      Your third question is easy to answer:
      No, not in real life but perhaps if those "around" hankers after something else, it is possible ...

      Yes. I want, because I am not happy. I cannot want happy, but it can be worse when people give into their selfish sides in a crisis/ emergency.

      I try, because it's not easy to see things from the opposite side but it could be enlightening.

    2. Sillyinvestors,

      Most comedians have an unhappy past. Humour is their way to deal with this pain and make people laugh.

      Yes they can provide joy and laughter to those around them, but happiness?

      The audience came to this comedy show precisely to escape. After the show, we all go back to state we were before.

      And the comedian is not happier because the audience laughed. He walks home alone.


    3. Hi SMOL,

      I really like LP comment, capture the essence. Happiness when u hankers it, lead to unhappiness.

      When u don't have it, you want it. It's normal. U may find it, may not.

      The want is normal, a force leading to transist to the other state.

      As for unhappy comedians, u are thinking of Chaplin? I think he is really cool and impactful, he makes people laugh with tears swelling in the heart.


    4. Sillyinvestor,

      Charlie Chaplin, Robbin Williams, most other comedians - and even the Singapore ones.

      Yes, breathe.

      If we are not happy ourselves, how can we expect others to be happy?

      At most we can do is to spread joy and laughter - but that's not the same.

      Like buying toys to a child to compensate for not being home due to work travels.

      Or offering to upgrade a sick parent to private hospital or class A because the room is "more comfortable".

      It's a bit sensitive so I stopped commenting after reading some of your readers' comment on your previous post on your mom.

      When we start using money to compensate, that's not providing happiness - its to lessen the guilt we feel in our hearts.

      Happiness is being there for a child when they need you. Happiness is having their child home for dinner often for a parent.

      But since we can't do that, we use money... often when its too late...

      That's why I question "want" and "try".

      I could be now in Sweden sending money home to my sibling to give mom the best money can buy. That's "want" and "try".

      Instead, I came home.

    5. Hi SMOL,

      This brings me back to the last post, awareness and imperfection.

      In terms of adjustment to new responsibilities, and demands, I think I am coping and finding mojo.

      But I am keenly aware that I do not feel any much more than responsibilities ... I do not have a perfect picture of filial piety and enjoying it ... I am happy for u though.

      I can live that without guilt.

  2. I think it's a matter of perspective. You need to leave home to discover home. You need to know sadness before u can fully appreciate happiness. You need to know an ending to understand what's a beginning. These are not opposite categories but are the cyclical States of the same quality. I think we can just look at our breathing - we breathe then out. After we breathe out all the air in our lungs, we will begin to breath in. And after we breath as much as we can fill our lungs, we will breathe out. Cyclical states of the same action.

    I think the impt point is not to hold on to these cyclical States and understand that one stage necessary leads to another. Try holding your breath and don't breathe out, or exhale fully and don't breathe in.

    Not possible.

    1. HI LP,

      Well said. Breathing. If there is no inhaling, where is the exhaling?

      Just breath.

      Why bother about how it had now gone to your lungs and the blood is carrying it to your rest of the body.

      Balance. Indeed.

      The state before the transistion differs in duration and intensity, but in the end, it will transist...

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