Thursday, July 2, 2015

Random thoughts: Make a choice and don't look back

Uncomfortable decisions.

It's uncomfortable because some part of it is not what you wanted and perhaps can be avoided.

It's a good signal to u, that there is room for improvement in future handling.

It is also a window of considerations to perhap change the decision.

After that window, do not look back and throw your emotional baggage out of the windows.

It's always a world of trade-off.

Do not trade decisiveness and confidence. 

The sucky feeling of "I am a loser", is not the worst thing. 

The worst thing is indecisiveness and stupid humility... 

There is always another project to do. 

There is always another person that will passes by.

You need to get past yourself. That's all


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    It's getting clearer and clearer right?

    I used trading as my "vehicle" to know myself more.

    The forest monks of Thailand use the uncomfortable surroundings to "understand" themselves.

    There's no secret.

    Just make a decision and we'll know 2 possible outcomes:

    1) Hey! I'm right! Must repeat this behaviour!

    2) Opps! Wrong! Must never do this action again!

    Better this than never making a decision and forever mulling what might have been...

    1. Hi SMOL,

      Thanks for
      Leaving a comment. Just do it?

      Talking about using something to "see" yourself. I am not sure what "mirrors" are there for me .... LOL

  2. Yeah just do it.
    sometimes its there n then that one needs to make decision. If past that particular point, sometimes do it also no point liao

    1. Low Paul,

      If we don't make a decision, very often, someone else will make it for us ...

      Always do that, we can forget about making decisions on our own

  3. Hi SI,
    been on this road a few times. but whether i took the right lessons from them is a story for some other day.
    Praying for the courage to take a decision next time I am there.

    1. GP blogger,

      U are talking about the right decision ...

      I am ok with taking a wrong decision too.

      I am more worried about indecisiveness