Friday, January 8, 2016

Random thoughts: beneficiary of H&S plan

I have wanted to write this.

In December, my gastric is giving me a lot of troubles. Even if I dun eat, my gastric still hurt, and when I eat, I will be very bloated! 

I lost my craving which usually is quite impossible. I have good appetite even when I am sick.

I wanted to be referred to a specialist because I have been going to GPs on and off for a long time, and the medicine got stronger and stronger but the relief is often short-lived.

The GP told me govt hospital waiting time is quite long, in terms of months. He ask if I am willing to go private. 

At this point of time, I didn't know insirance can cover the gastroscopy and colonoscopy charges.

The doc told me the charges are around 3K. I was quite stunned. He told me it can be cover half by medisave and ask if I have insurance.

Hey! I have !

I was fanatically checking with my sister to see if it covers my procedure.

She get back and said it covers also pre - and post treatment. 

When I was out of the theatre. I was told there was no cancer. The whole process was rather painless but I felt apprehensive at certain point of time. 

I thought everything was ok and even contemplated not returning to see the doctor 2 weeks later. 

I went nonetheless, and was told certain some of my cells "transformed" I ask" you mean mutated to cancer cells" He said "No, that's why I used "transformed", it might lead to the start of development of cancer cells although the probability is not high. He however still propose I be put on long term medication since I had erosive esophagitis.

And the bill?

Everything is so blo** expensive.

But my sister told me it can be claimed too.

While the bill is not crippling, I am glad I didn't scrimp on H& S plan.


  1. i also done a endoscopy during my hospital stay. not sure about the course.
    since i opted for C class, think subsidized and do not need fully pay.

    i didn't know this kind procedure so expensive.

    omg . really have to take good care of our health.

  2. a funny story to share.
    That day while i finished the procedure and was pushed to somewhere to rest. Nearby me, there was an uncle.

    uncle kept asking the nurse. 我有没有大肠癌。没有是不是? nurse. 有没有?
    then the nurse kept condole him to rest as the result not out yet.

    that moment, in my mind. i just wanted to say. uncle, 你到底烦够了没有?!

    seem like, uncle really worried.

    1. Yeh,

      Defintely the price difference will be very big. When my mum buy a dressing at Mt.A it cost about 20.

      It was out of stock so I drove to TTSH, it cost about 5, it's a bloody 400% difference !!

      But I kiasu, bought the most ex. H&S

    2. Sometime we are very worried, not because we are afraid of ourselves.

      We could be worried about our dependants


  3. I also went for endoscope and colonoscopy recently, charges around same as yours.
    My problem is GERD, wondering if same as you?

    If so can follow the standard advice, it helps:
    - Don't lie down 2 hrs before eating
    - Try to walk around after eating
    - Eat smaller and more frequent meals
    - Avoid the trigger foods (choco, oranges, etc) They should have a list

    Good luck!

    1. Hi Goh,

      Mine should be EE, the lining is already damaged.

      GERD is a reflux problem leading to heartburnt. EE is this problem over a prolonged period causing damage to the lining (transformed cells)

      I need to on medication for longer

    2. What happened to you? Medication for longer.

      Only sick people like me take so much medicine.

    3. EE need longer time
      To heal ... It's already damaged

      Not GERD

      Ok la. More motivation to lead a healthy diet.

    4. I see, take care and get well soon man

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