Friday, January 29, 2016

Random thoughts: Who am "I"

During my university days, we had a module that wanted us to write "who am I" while many are amused, I enjoyed writing that and got an A-

I said "I" is an accumulation of our experinces and how these experiences affected us. Since no one experince the same thing, all of us are unqiue.

As I aged, I believed we are the filter of our experinces. And that filter to a large extend is our values and moral beliefs 

This filter is constantly changing. Perhaps the core do not change much, but many changes a lot. Ask yourself honestly is your beliefs in your work the same as 10 years ago? 

If the answer is yes, go on and ask if u have the same values on life, family and wife or money? 

We are constantly bombarded with experinces, some routine while others more mentally or emotionally or spiritually more stimulating or disturbing. 

The key in being at peace with yourself is neither shutting off the bombardment, nor sticking to your values like a stick in the mud.

We are not an island. We felt disturbed, we are affected, but when an decision need to be made, it will be based on my filter, not matter how volatile it might be. 

It will not be based on how my boss think (her filter) or my wife felt(her filter). They in my interactions with them already play a part in shaping my filter, there is no need to "shut off" anything. 

Wonder why we say we are "lost"? Because we thought the filter is some cast in stone apparatus or we could
Not even see out filter? 

The filter is important because it helped one made decision and live with that decision with peace. 

And if an decision made is not at peace,
U know it is under bombardment again. There is no need to resist. It is simply telling your core, is being "transformed" at the perimeters. Relaxed. I am I. Not one live like me and I live like no one 


  1. Sillyinvestor,


    In Buddhism, its to be conscious of the "I" before we were born.

    And if we can do it, maybe we can "let go" of our ego, our filter.

    I'm far far away from that level of cultivation. Its all about "me" at the moment:

    Hungry eat, tired rest that sort of thing...

    Sometimes when I too free nothing to do, I'll ask:

    Why am I here?

    Is this it?

    What's the purpose of me living/working?

    For whom?

    Its cool to mind fxxx myself from time to time.

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Ya, we are all far from that.

    For a period of time, I believed or felt strongly about buddism teaching about the 4 sufferings.

    One fine Sunday, I spent some time with family and botanic garden and saw picture perfect scenes, husband taking fun shots with pregnant wife, family feeding swan.

    While we are aged, get sick and die, the lens are tainted because I forget that the external environment is not statics.

    Everywhere, someone is living a horrible life and someone is living a wonderful life.

    It is an awakening period of Me and Ext.

    We all diez. And it 100%. So what's the point in living ? Once we see the ironic in this statement, I understand it's about me and now, and me is not the center of universal. There are things going on. Take a deep breath and walk on ... Strongly.

    Hit me and I will fall.

    Fall and I will get up.

  3. Hey Sillyinvestor,

    Great thought provoking post. It reminds me of my definition of success: The Freedom to be Myself.

  4. Hi Tacomob,

    Nice to see u around. It's indeed somewhat the same. I however didn't have a freedom to myself slogan. More like live with no regrets ...

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