Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Integrated Plans are not only about Hospital ward type. (Updated)

If u think u dun mind staying at a B2 ward, good for you. 

I am not sure, I think if I am sick, I would like to rest in style if I can afford it. But I respect your choice.

But please hor, IP is not about room and board. It is never a big item in hospital bill. 

I know, my mum just passed away, she is hospitalized at MT Alvernia,my dad was hospitalized at a government hospital TTSH ( btw, it is damn cheap for the CT scan, MRI and x-Ray and the final bill is 2K plus) and my wife's sister had a stroke and did the same procedures as that of Mr Heng. 

The most scary part of the bill is the ICU stay, the surgery (depending on the complexity)

My mum hospital bill for Breast removal surgery and stay is around 40k. The bulk of the expenses is the surgery 15 K, the medicine etc. 

My wife's sis stayed at TTSH, had the surgery there, stayed at ICU for 3 weeks, then transfer to MT Elizabeth novena because the operation to drain fluid from the brain is unsuccessful, so they went to Elizabeth after 1 month to do operation (can't remembered the name) to have a motorized tube draining the fluid to the stomach area. She is recovering well now. She spent a good 6 weeks in hospital, the last 1 week at private care. My sister helped her to claim every hospital expenses as charged, not a single cent is forked out by them. How much is the bill? She said never made such a big claim before, it was close to 200k

Of course, if u are sure about not needing  private care, and if your conditions are not too serious, (no need for complex surgery, long stay at ICU for example), Medishield should suffice, as what happen to my dad is an example. I give credits to government for making heathcare affordable. 

Personally, I think private care is a real option and not a luxury. U can dun agree with me. I will not parrot my past post about the difference is wait time and choice of Doctor. Btw, Mt Elizabeth Novena sucks, as compared to Mt Alvernia. Hotel class facilities, yes, but there do not even have a alarm mattress that will raise alarm when someone leave the bed, which is available in TTSH. Not all private care are equal it seems.

( Update: btw, I recalled during my university days, I helped paid for my dad bills first. He insisted in returning me the money. It was a good 15-17 years ago, and it costs about 7 k cash (without shield) for a operation and 3 days stay. I can't remembered if the operations is a balloon  or the taking of a vein at the legs for the artery at the heart, only 1 night at ICU. So  minus ICU and 2 days room and board claimable, u have a balance of 4.4 k for surgery. That is 15 years ago at NUH iirc)

I will leave it to u if 2K is enough "safety" for surgery, and 1.2 K ICU per day is enough. 

As I said, it is enough, if basic health care is all you wanted and care for. Kbow what u are getting. Of course, there is issue of affordability too. Not everyone can afford private care and we shouldn't stretch it. Post treatment care can amount to a lot too. 


  1. I totally agree with you. In fact, I have a post coming up about hospitalization insurance. Also, the procedure of draining to the stomach is called Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt aka VP shunt.

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  3. Can die but better dont fall sick

    1. Dun like that say...

      SIngapore really not too bad liao la

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