Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Random thoughts: the joy and pain of keeping a meat-free diet

Since my mum passed away, I have been keeping a meat-free diet. It has passed the 49 days. Even before she passed away, I have already abstain from meat. Some joys and pains of it:

a) lost some weight and inches at my waist. My lady colleague comment I look better. LOL, not some young chick hahahahah, but I am still happy.

b) Spirtually, I always wanted to keep to the 5 "commandments" (五戒) I finally done one of it, which I used to think as impossible as I am an heavy meat eater before this, at least until now. (No killing), the only one I cannot do consistently is no evil lust (邪淫), because I consider thoughts as part of it. Please hor, I dun visit night clubs. So when I abstain from meal, I also try to clear my mind from the craving of meat. I always look at the meat and reverse the image to that of the live animal, and then imagining it being killed and cooked. Usually I dun really feel like eating it after that mental process. 


1) While I dun really crave for meat, I am really quite sicked of vegetarian food. Once u have been eating a while, you will hate the mock meat etc. it defeat the purpose of eating vegetarian anyway, since your mind is craving for that taste of the meat.

2) I ended up taking in a lot more sugars as I start taking more cakes, ice-cream to satisfy my cravings. It is starting to take a toll on me. I am trying to control it. 

3) During the holidays, the temptations are bigger as I bring my family out for dining and I meet my friends. The taste buds indulgences are not longer there and I must admit it felt quite sianz at times.

It is defintely a worthy exercise. Also, I am prepare to take meat if there is really no other choices. 

But hey, I realize everywhere I go, there is definitely something for me to eat. Macronalds you can eat pancake, Kenny Rogers you can eat cheese macaroni. 

I wonder how long I can last. LOL

Can't believe I am just taking this for
Dinner LOL


  1. actually take more carboh more fat.

  2. Hi SI,

    I break out of my 1 yr meat free exercise by eating seafood. Now I know i can go without meat. This yr I tried to go without rice also or veg. Just fruits. It's just an exercise to see how I feel like without eating certain food. You shld try the all fruits one and tell me how you feel haha

    Btw, these days the theory is eating carbs/sugar is worse than meat lol

    1. Wa LP,

      No wonder u so skinny!! Aiyo,eat fruits only !! Cannot I passed ...

      I know some monks eat only 1 meal a day.

      I think u can try that soon LOL

    2. our hunter ancestors only ate meat and fruits/veggies.

  3. nutritionist suggested that we should take good carb. eg potato, sweet potato or sweet corn, brown rice( but kidney patient to avoid brown rice) etc.

    if your meal only include vege and meat, then you will either lack of nutrician. or your kidney/heart will have to work harder. too much meat actually not good for body.


    1. Yeh,

      I take egg and diary products, and seriously I dun think anyone in Singapore can suffer from
      Malnutrition, at least not me la.

      I am not the least worried and I am also not doing this for physical health

  4. Hi SI

    I've been eating greens in recent months for lunch too.

    It's very refreshing and the stomach goes very light towards late evening. I am just hoping all those greens are healthy since they are cold salads which is not properly cooked.

    1. Hmm... B

      Didn't know u have special diets too! Cool. Yeah I know how it feel after a heavy lunch when u feel like sleeping but can't.

      I seldom eat salad actually. Swensen salad is nice, the rest I feel like going to the grass patch outside for FOC

  5. Guess you're trying to lose weight. Count your calories daily, and achieve a deficit. Don't need to abstain from meat. If you're not careful, it can result in iron deficit which will cause numerous side effects like dizziness and tiredness.

    Try checking out "Basal Metabolic Rate" to figure out what your allowed intake is (daily calorie budget). And for an app to count, consider MyFitnessPal or Health365.

    1. Hmm....lizardo

      I am not trying to lose weight lol, although I dun mind

  6. Hi SI,

    Just nice fasting month huh. I tried vegetarian meals before, somehow they are not as shiok without lard and meat. Maybe you can take some 'cheat' meals once in a while, just don't make yourself miserable!

  7. Jes LOL,

    No la, not fasting. Not miserable but not a piece of cake too ... Very tough to find the "shiok" meal. But I do it because I wanted to, not forced, I can stop anytime. Let's just say how long I can go

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