Monday, June 6, 2016

Staycation: relaxation is in the mind LOL

I have been looking forward to my staycation at sentosa. Looking out to see the South China Sea, lying on my aircon bed at looking at the trees 

I finally understand myself better through this trip too. My way to recharge, is actually to do nothing and be alone... LOL

Of course, I enjoy my family's company, but the programmes actually dun really excite me. 

We booked 2 nights. The first day, we just stay at the hotel, use the pool and watch the crane dance FOC, which is really quite cool.

I keep thinking of transformers and imagining them breaking free and rushing towards us. LOL. Siao already.

The second day highlight turns out to be the worst day. Kidszania at Singapore at my personal assessment, is the biggest flop as an attraction. 

Queues are super long, staff are unsure of what to do, we spent 10 hours there, but "played" only 4 stations. While no fault of theirs, but having no internet signal there and arguments over queue and crowd management just spoilt my day big time.

The hardware is nice, but the soft ware sai.

To say I am very pissed off because I am hyper active and my son having inherited my valuable genes and keep whining over the long wait just ended with a short quarrel with my wife. But we patched up very quickly. 

I already planned Kidszani type program  in school for at least 5-6 years? I always thought my colleagues are just being nice when they say their children enjoyed my programmes than the real thing. I believe them now, I think about waiting time, turnover rate, food, movie, photo taking, PV to guide ”blur kids" but the real thing is... Zzz... Maybe they should employ me as consultant... 

I am alone writing this while my wife chat with her cousin in another room. I just need pockets of peace and relaxation and time to blog to relax. 

We are going for luge, trick-eye museum and Moch soon. 

But rasa sentosa is really a nice family getaway place. 


  1. Hi SI,

    Wah, enjoy life :) Haha, unlike me, working like mad dog now...can't wait for school term to start!

    1. Haha LP,

      We are the opposite, I hope holiday is longer ... I have plenty of work waiting, just dun care lol.

      Yeah it's nice

  2. Yup,

    I like staycations too!

    Love Rasa Sentosa :)

    无为 can be most relaxing!

    1. Yes, Smol,

      Now I can 无为,无所谓,睡到自然醒for A few days

  3. I used to ta bao half roast duck cut into 4 pieces from Vivocity and with two cans of beer and went up to the Sentosa's Tower at the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia facing sea and eat my duck and drink the beer! Doing nothing else except staring at the sea and listen to sea waves.

    Sometime, some visitors going up the Tower would give this odd uncle and auntie funny stare. :-)

    1. Hmm, CW,

      So romantic!! I will google the tower, never been there ... I am very lucky, there is a fireworks show that lasts 5 minutes !!

  4. WA the cash register is "cute". Hahah.

    Staycation is fun! I can't wait to arrange another one for myself soon. Perhaps at Sentosa like yours.

    Hope you feel completely recharged after this staycation;)

    1. Pp! Another good place for staycation is changi village hotel. Nice food, nice beach, nice view ... Just not so much activities ...

    2. Hahah. Thanks for the recommendation!

      Changi Nasi Lemak is nearby I know:D

      Anyway if you wanna have a staycation in town but away from the hustle and bustle, you can try the Quincy!

      I had a lovely time there:) shopping malls all around and the hotel is packed with facilities. Location is peaceful despite being in town too.

      P.S. I don't work there:p

    3. Thanks PP,

      My next staycation if it happens this dec, I will look at it in more detailed. Cheers.

      When is yours coming?

  5. hi mike
    enjoy your holidays!

    1. Hi Yeh,

      Same to u too! I will most probably start to mark and restart my engine next week lol

  6. Hahah. Hi SI.

    Not anytime soon. Saving up for my upcoming wedding. Probably gonna stay pretty broke for quite awhile��

    1. Wo!! Congrats!!!

      When that's is one expense that is worth it

    2. Thanks SI!☺️

      Hahah. That's true but still I gotta manage my missus expectation else I'll be even more broke😛

    3. Oh ya PP,

      Tell me about it. Not a easy thing to do. Remember to give and take and explain things slowly ....

      Even if u think a expense is totally unnecessary; explain patiently and gently

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