Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Random thoughts: My report card for 2016

At the end of 2015, I Blog about the goals for 2016.

It's quite funny now when I revisit it. This is because I started with 2015 has not been an easy year for me. 

This year, my work in terms of KPI really sucks. My department had a "historic drop" is quality passes. My mum passed away, and the caregiving part is tough. But today, as I penned this, I thought "God" has been merciful and kind to me in 2016. This holiday, I only had a 8 days break, the shortest holiday, but I am still thankful. 

There is a window I felt I am at the verge of depression because I seem to see "suffering everywhere", but I thought in its totality, 2016 is awakening.

I digress. My goals this year, and next.

1) Have at least 15 minutes or longer Jogs at least 52 times
(Once a week, I will allow myself to cheat by jogging twice a week at the second half of the year to cover quota. LOL. Hopefully at least I keep jogging and do much better than 52)
2) Not use the lift in school
3) Cut down on breakfast at hawker centers before work. (not more than once a week)

Verdict: Fail in all counts. F

I am not going to give a number to this anymore. I will eat and indulge as I feel like it, exercise as and when I need it. Bite me.

1) To reduce anxiety (Not giving a SMART goal for obvious reasons)


I still feel it. I think I passed. C+ 
I coping. 

1) Bring back the habit of reading to son before "to each his own reading"
2) Practice mindfulness, dun bring back baggage of  work.
3) Bring my parents for walks more often.
4) No using of phones to blog or play games during visits (bo liao right, should be talking to them more)
5) Meet with old colleagues, friends and bloggers.

Verdict: B
Did ok on most counts. Being spending a lot of time as compared to the past with my dad. Managed to meet new bloggers and ex-colleagues. 

1) Bring back the mental habit of "wishing everyone well" at the start of the day.
2) Practice/try mediation 

Verdict: F 
Didn't do both. Cannot even remember these 2 points LOL

1) Focus on human capital rather than finance/investible capital. Build up competencies by preparing for lessons earnestly and start doing literature review and research.
2) Read more on work related information
3) Stop comparing "money, assets, or networth"

Verdict: C+

Done most of it, although the quality and quantity might not be that good.


Verdict: A-
While I did buckle and cried when my pupils' results are horrible, I recovered very quickly. I start to see clearly myself. 

I had really enjoyed teaching, and my pupils progressed. While targets are not met, it is a number game. While my confidence is shaken, it did not hurt me as badly as 2015. 

It is another "awakening". Looking back, I really enjoyed going to the classrooms most of the time, for both my P4 and graduating class. 

In conclusion:

My mission for 2017 (poem form)








  1. LOL!

    I guess the ant strategy is not working out for you.

    Now trying out another strategy for 2017?

    Hope it sticks!

    Good luck!

    1. Smol,

      Ant should live like an ant, that's what I am. But I just believe there is just as much randomness as we think we have in control. Be mindful ... hope it works better ...

      Nothing to lose since numbers doesn't motivate me

  2. Hi SI,

    I need to adopt your human capital strategy as well. Spent waaaaayyyy too much time reading about investing this year. My priorities quite wrong >.<

    Press on yah? Remember you got a good social support from friends as well :)

    1. Hi UN,

      I think given that we are not full time trader or fund manager with CFA etc, we do need to read wayyyyyyyyy a lot during our free time.

      But after a while, while the reading and practice should continue, we should taper down a bit.

      I have not Been reading investment books quite a while. More interested in just reading on companies ... enjoy the story more than techniques behind writing now.

      But I am a bad example ... SMol always say I sell, people buy. I buy, people sell LoL

  3. To be honest I like reading your posts. They are very candid and real. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I believe we will be stronger when faced with tough circumstances.

  4. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks a lot! That means a lot to me.

    We will be stronger if we survive. I do see cases where there is no survivors ... we dun have to physically die, I saw dead emotionless living or those living on others ...

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