Monday, January 26, 2015

Random stories: 3 wishes

3 men found a jinn.

"I will grant each of you a wish." Said the Jinn.

"I want 3 wishes granted instead of 1" said the first.

"You think I stupid meh, on your third wish, you will ask for  3 or 30 wishes more, I am a jinn, not a wish ATM, you moron! Give you one more chance!"

"Ok ok, I am sorry. I want happiness." Said the first.

"WTF... Can be more specific? how the hell am I supposed to know what makes you happy, I am not your mistress!"

Fustrated, the first man yelled:" give me lots of money la!"

"That's easy, I already gave you 10 billion dollars. Be gone! Next." 

"Hmm... I want to be appreciate whatever I have, always feeling contented. Is this too vague?"

"No, no, that's ok. But why not 10 billion?" Asked Jinn

"If I have 10 billion, but I worried this worried that, what is the point? If I have 10 billion and crave 100 billion, there is no end to it."

"This is tough, need more power, I can't gave you everything, but I can remove greed and jealousy, without these, maybe you find contentment. Now go" said the Jinn

The third came forward. "I want 100 billion." Jinn frowned and replied:" after hearing what the second man said, what do you still want money?"

He said:" I am not sure if I will appreciate or not appreciate what I have, so of course take the most tangible money first , 100 billion is freckling lots of money! I should be happy. And even if I am unhappy, there is plenty of ways to buy merry what! Also, who is to say money must be inversely related with happiness."

"Ok, you get what you wished" said the Jinn. 


If I find a Jinn, I will be the third man.

If not, I strive to be second man.

What about you?


  1. Helli SI,

    I'd wish for a crystal ball that can peek into the future. That'd solve a lot of issues for a start.

    1. Hi SRSI,

      That's cool. Wonderful. But jinn has this to say: future is not a linear line, it is a conflux of multiple forces constantly interacting with each other, one might be able to see some "trend" of major forces, but that seldom last and emerging forces can easily undertake mainstream forces

    2. Aww, shucks. I'd opt for happiness then. I can be poor and unhappy. Yet, I can be rich AND unhappy too. Of course, I'd prefer the latter, but if there's a choice, I feel that happiness should come first.

    3. Aww, shucks. I'd opt for happiness then. I can be poor and unhappy. Yet, I can be rich AND unhappy too. Of course, I'd prefer the latter, but if there's a choice, I feel that happiness should come first.

    4. SRSI,

      LOL, we are the same people. We choose tangible stuff first. Show me the money !!

  2. Hi SI

    This is a hokkein jinn hahaha... well this reminds me of the channel 8 ,9 pm " 三个愿望" .

  3. Hi SI,

    I think removing greed and jealousy may make us have less of a fighter spirit in life... i don't wanna rest on my laurels so third man is a good option. If only this could all be true.... haha.

    1. Hmm Jes,

      Actually motivation and hunger for success is in not conflict with contentment. Contentment is with results, you go all out fr that results, but get it or not, 平常心

  4. Hi SI,

    Knowing how the Arabian Jinn really work, they will tempt you and just when you thought you got a good deal, they will sweep everything you’ve got away. I will continue this story:

    For the first man, he happily went home with a bag full of cash. On the way back, he was already thinking of the things he can do with 10 billion dollars. The first thought is to fire his boss and the next is to get buy a luxury car – one that can rival his irritating neighbor who has been boasting it since forever. He called up his office, scolded his boss for a good 15 minutes and proceeded to fire him. He had never felt so good in his life. “That’s how a 10 billion person feels like”, he thought.

    Once he reached home, he locked up the door and pulled down the curtains before eagerly pouncing on his bagful of cash. His heart is pounding hard as he unknotted the drawstring to the bag and upended the entire bag. Lo and behold! 11 pieces of paper fell out. He took one of these pieces and it read “Hell Bank Note – legal tender for 1 billion dollar”.

    A silent scream escaped his lips. His heart pounded even faster, as he slowly gathered the pieces of paper. 1 billion, 2 billion, 3 billion…9 billion, 10 billion. That was the amount promised to him by the Jinn. As he reached for this last piece of note, he realized that it’s different from all the other 10 notes. This is not a currency note - it’s just a piece of paper with some scribblings on it.

    He needed to blink a few times to clear off the wetness welling up in his eyes before those words can come to a focus.

    “You didn’t say what currency you want the 10 billion to be in ;) Have fun and stay happy. Regards, Jinn”


    The second person took a tiny pouch from the Jinn and went home. On the way back, he already felt extremely light in his heart. Having wished for contentment, but actually having greed and jealousy removed from his being, he felt for sure that he will be contented.

    For the first few months, everything works out fine. He saw his neighbor getting branded bags and driving new car. He saw his newer colleagues getting promoted to a manager while he continues to do the same work for the past 10 years. But still, he felt nothing. Nah, it’s okay, I don’t need so much money anyway. Why do I need a new bag or a new car? This is good enough.

    Every weekend, he’ll just lie on the couch and watch television. He really felt no wants and scraping the bare minimum out of life is good enough. Eventually, even his wife can’t stand him and left with his two children. Still, he felt nothing. Ah, this is how contentment feels like, he said.

    One fine day, while sitting on his couch watching television on a usual weekend, he saw a tiny pouch hidden between the cushion of his couch. It had been a good 5 years since he had last saw this! He must have dropped it on his couch after he came home and promptly forgotten all about it.

    He opened the pouch and saw a piece of note. On it, it read,

    “You want contentment without working for it, so you’ll never find true contentment. I figured you’re just a lazy fool who wants the quick way out, so I removed greed and jealousy, but I didn’t remove laziness. Have fun! Regards, Jinn”

    He just sat on his couch, feeling nothing.

    1. LP,

      Thanks. Power! It cross my mind about fake money and currency too LOL.

      Glad the jinn spark some brain Juice.

      But contentment need no working for it nor not working for it, it just take understanding. One can work his guts all and be contented, one can be "lazy" in other times and be contented.

      You know what, I feel, due to my narrow observation, people will less are more easily contented.

      Which is a blessing ??

    2. Hi SI,

      Oh I'm sure you would have thought of it :) constant suaning by the bloggers would have made all of us think out of the box more lol!

      I guess it's out value system. I believe that only after we've tried out best and work to the fullest of our potential, then we have the right to be contented. No more 'what if' and no more 'maybe if I do this...'. Then and only then can we be truly contented. Basically it's to exhaust all possibilities first then say this is enough.

      Sounds like discontentment? Haha!

    3. LP,

      That's sound right too. Never chase after red dusk, how to see thro dusk. LOl

    4. Btw LP,

      Besides SMOL poking, I dun get Suan lei?? Maybe I still not very into the blogging community...

      Who Suan u??

    5. Hi SI,

      Suan is a good thing imo, it means you're valued enough for others to make fun of you :)

      Sometimes cw, SMOL, Richard, B.. Sometimes Derek, rolf, you too! Small entertainment, but it's quite fun :)

    6. :( ;(

      Nobody Suan me except SMOL...

      I never Suan u what... Not that I dun value u la LOL

    7. Sillyinvestor,

      Jia you!

      One day everyone will come suan you!

      See? I'm still your no. 1 fan ;)

      Now get back to work!

    8. LP,

      I think we both got fight to win award for longest comment posted ever!


    9. Hi SMOL,

      Yea! Bring it on man! We can write counter post and counter counter post to swarm out any comments lol!

    10. LP and SMOL,

      First time we cross chit chat here. Nice, feel
      A bit like a tavern now. I aspire to be more a lifestyle blogger now! LOL. See SMOL, I am also your no. 1 fan. Look at my posts, the ratio of investment related post to talking co*# is 1:3 or 1:4 now LOL

    11. Hi SI,

      We are brothers of the world! Sometimes we chat at this pub, sometimes we chat at that tavern, but always, always we have fun :D

    12. Yea! LP


  5. Hi SI,

    I have come across your investment blog, It is very interesting! I am a new investor so I am looking at other investor's blog to learn something. I would like to link you up on my blog if you dont mind!

    1. Hi James,

      I added your blog. You got super lots of blogs under u. Have you tried aggregating your blog to or singapore blig investor ?

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