Friday, January 30, 2015

Puzzling price movements of counters in my radar

Answers might abound soon with the release of Q4 results.

ST engineering is doing share-buy backs almost daily, substantial shareholder increased stake, but price is range bound and having pressure to the downside. Aerospace is weak, but compare to O and G, you get my point. Think in terms of percentage of revenue and further break it down, ST has problem mainly in Europe which company had restructured.  It look like a good deal compared to SCI. SCI is bouncing off its low, and hit a high of above $4.4, whereas ST remain sluggish. Weird. At least to me. The external factors are also more favorable to ST. Weak currency of Sing dollars while ST has a strong and not insignificant US market. 

Next, Venture. Aberdeen has been constantly selling, yet it is moving north. 

Of course, I owned all three counters, and I am not complaining, it just showed in the short term, nothing is predictable.

The weaker Sing Dollars might help LMIR whose revenue is in IDR, IDR will be relatively stronger, hedge cost will be the same, but revenue conversion will be better. That's why it finally broke out of the range of 33.5 cents to 34.5 cents. 

But, I always thought the catalyst will have to be in earnings. But it is the reining in of Sing dollars that is providing the boast now. But if that is the case, why is ST not benefiting? 

Maybe more answers will be forthcoming with the earning reports. 

Reits are also surprising strong, from just a month ago, definitely more than what I would expect given the impending hike in interest rate be it in June or later. 

Maybe, time for me to take some
Profits off the table with the run up of price when dividends is announced ( hopefully)

Are you scratching your head recently?


  1. Hello Sillyinvestor,

    Take a look at my head.

    I don't think I've been scratching recently....

    I've been scratching since day one!


    1. SMOL,

      You are not scratching your head, please you are using your Palm to rub your head for good luck (saw Yee; read in teochew slate), that's how you get you super multi-baggers! huat ah

      Grow your tummy and use your left hand to "saw" your head and right hand to "saw" your tummy, then Volia, huat square, 双龙出海,双喜临门,long what what rise, short what what sway, gong si FA cai!!

  2. I have quite a bit ST. I keep averaging down till i fed up and then I shift my fund to my oil and gas stock better.