Friday, January 30, 2015

Random thoughts: Tired but happy teacher

I will start to blog a bit more about my teaching, if you are not interested, once you see the word teach, you can stop reading.

I have been having Flu for 2 weeks now, it made me tired easily. But the new school environment is really invigorating.

I never like to teach civics and moral as a subject, not that I do not believe in values, but I never believed it can be taught like any other subjects. I do not believe in doing the activities in the workbook, I always like at the theme, of the value behind the exercises, and design activities for them, and really hope that they will "feel" the lesson. Although, having explicit time allocated for this is good and sound, I usually rubbished the exercises.

I have always buy into the hand, heart, mind concept of learning CME, or CCE which they called it now. But I think I have been always exposed to the mind type of training, which hint of propaganda to me. I had wanted to do the "hands" thing, but it has been very ad hoc.

I took part in the flea market charity drive, and another event of the same concept. Using these 2 as platforms to teach, is really better. I ask the class to paint and decorate the kites meant for sale, and I used it to teach the value of "pride in work", and ask them if there is no pride in decorating the kite, would it sell? The point was made clearly than just talking about it over a workbool exercise.

Also, I finally feel I am a more holistic teacher now, as compared to just a language teacher. I am enjoying myself.


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  2. Experiential immersion. It always work when practice aligns with theory.

    1. Lizardo,

      Indeed, but I think it is difficult to have both experiential and immersion. Experiential is used rather loosely if u ask me. But I know what you mean

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    1. Thanks Yeh,

      Encouraging as usual. You too, have a great time.

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    1. Retail Trader, thank you for your well wishes! Appreciate it