Saturday, January 10, 2015

Random stories: Man with a wolf heart

The heart smith had many coming to him for help. Most people came to him for broken heart. They felt broken with the the passing away of a loved one, or felt rejected and want to be love again. With his experince, he has no problem helping people with broken hearts. 

It was during the wee hours of morning, he would sometime get requests for something different. 

A man was carried into his place in a stretcher. One of the person carrying the stretcher told the heart smith that the man had cheated his parents and friends of their money and ran away. They found him and drugged him. They wanted the heart smith to fix his black heart so that he would return the money. The heart smith did the repair. The heart smith would only repair heart upon request, he vowed never to fix anyone's heart without request as he did not want to play God. Hence, although he saw the 2 men carrying the stretcher with black heart too, he said nothing. 

In recent days, news of gruesome murders spread. There was a murderer on the loose. One day, a famous philanthropist came. He had helped many. The heart smith stood up and bow as a show of respect. The  philanthropist said:" I have a heart of the wolf, every full
Moon I have this thirst for blood, I have tried everything to tame it, I would chained and locked myself during full
Moon nights in case I lost the battle. I have been very successful in taming this monster in recent years, but this month, the full moons appear out of nowhere. It no where near the 15th of the month! I want a second chance, and I think I deserve a second chance." The philanthropist is almost in tears when he said the last word. 

The heart smith immediately agreed but told him he never did such repair before. The philanthropist said:" please, thank you, I have nothing to lose."

The heart smith worked hard, it is complicated, but realized he might just be able to repair it. He needed something though. A small piece of heart to replace the toxic part. He was wondering how to proceed when the philanthropist start shaking uncontrollably. The Heart smith look out, "what the hell! Why is there a full
Moon suddenly!" He thought. In desperation, he took a piece of his own heart to complete the filling. Now all he need to do is to soldering, the rest of the process will be a piece of cake.

Enduring the pain in his heart, the heartsmith preserve, with blood soaking his shirt. The philanthropist seem
To have calm down, he saw what the heart smith is doing and said thank you.

Suddenly, the door burst open! The constable chief has arrived with his constables. "So, what evil black magic is this! Arrest them." Yelled the chief.

The heartsmith pleaded:" No I can cure him! Give me time! Please" 

The constables separate them forcefully. "He can't survive like this!" Before he could said another word, he was knocked unconscious, but before he lost consciousness, he saw the philanthropist lip saying:"It's ok, thank you!"

When the heartsmith wake up. He learnt that the philanthropist has died. He will be on trial soon. Many of the people that the heart smith helped came forward to help him, vouch for his innocence. He was released.

At the entrance, the constable chief told him:" count yourself lucky. I will be watching you" The heartsmith said nothing. Even he could do nothing for his icy heart. He walked away, far away for the town and vowed never to do a heart repair again. For he now lived with a hole in his heart.

(Adapted from
Short stories- the heart smith)


  1. Hi SMOL,

    This is a very touching story, I loved it. Thanks for introducing it to me :)

    I wonder what a 'normal' heart will look like. What is the description of the heart after you removed the blackness, the iciness and the broken-ness?

  2. HI LP,

    You mean the original story is touching or my adaption? LOL sorry, ego problem hard to kick

    The original has a comic version, is more beautiful and warmth, mine is a dark twist to it.

    You just given me a idea, a genetic modified heart! Benefits are numerous but side-effects still unknown.

    Everyone has a dark side to their heart?


  3. Hi SI,

    I realised I addressed to our man of leisure instead of you in the previous comment! My apologies! Must have been sleeping :)

    I've no idea what's the original story like, and so I meant yours when I say it's touching :)

    I think everyone do need has a darker side. Look at the position of the heart. It's not central, so off to the side lol!

    1. No worries about the name. I didn't mind at all.

      Oh .. Yea !!!! Motivation!!

      I like it too, although I thought this time the hidden Zen message might be lost... LOL.

      Cheers !!

    2. LP,


      Lucky Sillyinvestor, you, and me are ALL guys - no harm; no foul.

      If you do that to wife, kneel on beer bottle-caps until you cry!

    3. SMOL,

      Man of leisure is not a copyright word ma... I can be a man of leisure too, right?

      You can be sillyinvestor too. LoL

      Huh, call the wrong name? Just stop calling dear and try !!! Lol

  4. hi SI

    no joke, my mum was cheated by unknown uncle all her saving. Rm55000( sgd 20k).
    well, not much but not little too.

    always tell myself and my mum, money gone but person is safe, 钱没了,人好就好。

    talk easy, but just cant help in thinking. whole family is unhappy.

    my mum still keep blaming herself for being so foolish and greedy.

    probably i think my this year dividend will all go to my mum pocket, to comfort her.

    1. Yeh,

      Oh no. Anyway will feel the pain. It's a big sum of money. But then, just have to get over it, it will not be so fast, but ...

      Lose more if harp on it

  5. Oh, my goodness! So thankful to, for bringing back my ex lover,,,

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