Friday, January 2, 2015

Random thoughts: A cool and inexpensive way for family time in SIngapore

Where: Airport

T3 parking. $10?

Skytrain to T1: Kids super excited!

Starbucks coffee to go:$5 per pax (optional)

T1 playground: Free

Enjoy the view from the viewing gallery and sip coffee as your kids entertain themselves: Priceless

Lunch: Up to you

Photo-taking at atrium T3: Free (Nice christmas decoration)

T3 basement toy shop; bring along a toyomi car, there is a big car track in the toyshop: Kids are really happy playing and trying to squeeze each other out, while your in-law and wife go shopping at NTUC. Good me time and switch off.

If you have spend more than $30 for your lunch, bring your kid to mickey house bouncing castle at Level 1 of T3, its free.

A day out with the family. Priceless


  1. Hi Silly Investor,

    It makes sense if one stays in the east. I stay in the west. Very far!!!

    Anyway, happy new year!!!


  2. Hi hi Naro,

    I stay in the west, bukit panjang in the west right?

    I also enjoy cruising along the highway with little traffic. lOL


  3. Replies
    1. West to east is 1 hr. Quite reasonable to me. If need to change line max think is 1.5 hour.

  4. Parking for say 3hrs plus an economical kopitiam lunch for 4 n star bucks coffee/juice, i would say need about 40-50bucks.
    Cheaper would be eat at home bring own drinks...then only need pay parking

    1. Hi Paul,

      Actually there is a economic way too.

      Sunday morning is slow and off peak, u can leave earlier with family and take mRt, say around 8, it will not be crowded at all.

      Bring along a hot flash with pre-make 3-in-1 coffee. Bring them to T1 playground. Everything the same except u sip from your favorite home-made coffee.

      Photo taking Same same.

      Sky train same same

      At about 11 the shop will open, can play the track too.

      Then, in time to have lunch at home.

      Only missing thing is 10 min of bouncing castle...

  5. Hi sillyinvestor

    This is definitely a value for money trip.

    I brought my family often to botanic garden, another inexpensive way to spend some family time together.

  6. yup yup B.

    Actually there are many places. Civil servants can apply for corporate pass to go science center and zoo free!

    Only problem with botanic garden is ... usually only kill 2 hours...

    East coast is cool too.

  7. Thanks for the sharing SI,

    Any reason why park at T3? Is cheaper to parking at T2?

    1. Not sure about parking fees at T2 or 3, think they are the same.

      T2 crowded since its sharing with T1. T2 is crammed too.

      T3 is more spacious, and from B1, the whole office level is underutilized, kids can run all they want without running Into anything

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