Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Random musing: An unexpected turn of event in my class

I told my pupils who failed the exam and who passed. As usual, I gave some morale boasting talk and encouragement. A girl in my class start to cry. I ask the class to let her be, as we all need an outlet to vent. She dried her tears, and as I speak, start to sob again.

Towards the end of lesson, I ask if she is ok and why is she so sad...
She told me it is because she failed her Maths Exam!

I almost died! I ask her why she cried about failing her Maths Exam in my Chinese Class. She smiled. I asked if she is upset about failing my subject, she said she is ok.

Double Ouch!!

Talk about 触景伤情!



  1. it is because you unlike other teachers provided an outlet for the student to vent. That is a good thing.

  2. hmm...

    Anon? U think so, I just realized my 得失心 very 重,when teaching is concerned.