Saturday, December 19, 2020

Random thoughts: 2020 in review

2020 has been a good year for me. I am thankful for able to keep my job and learn.

The positives
1) Teaching. I have tried various new ways to teach, and during circuit breaker, I was forced to think about clarity of presentation, which I think helps me in my craft 

I started enjoying my new role as a Senior Teacher more, and my change in role afforded me more time to read, reflect and chase after my pupils. I even start blogging about my teaching highlights. I felt my craft is progressing and my repertoire broadening. 

I think I have also come to terms with my ego that I am no longer in the middle management team. It sure tool longer than I expected.

Going to 2021, I would really like to explore Differentiated instructions in depth, having some concrete ideas after attending courses and reading literature review. Flexible groupings and peer coaching is definitely something I would like to dwell deeper in. 

2) Family and Social
Well, strangely, this is the December I meet up and catch up with my sister, MLS friend, close friends and more. Usually December, I would still be busy at work and after a vacation, I usually dun have much time left. 

So happy to be able to see my close friends' children grown up. Although I have not been a good friend, since I am always MIA, until my friends ask me to pick the date and time instead. Sigh... Glad they never gave up on the hermit and introvert.

3) Investment.
I had time to read. The Covid provided the volatility and opportunities to put cash into use, and hence a hence to review my plan and actions. I shall not bored u with the nitty gritty of the technical stuff. 

My biggest gain, perhaps is my philosophical than technical. I felt I could not and should not try to maximize my winnings. It sound delusion but it isn't really, to me. 

It helps keep my jealousy in check when I read about big portfolio gains in the bloggersphere. I also prompted me to look at sell decisions from just the vague "sell when reasons to buy is gone" to having both a qualitative and quantitative criteria to sell. 

In 2021, I think I should create a scoring system to out in place both my qualaitive and quantitative criteria 

1) Health. My health is getting worse. I can feel it. My gastric acting badly.

2) Work. I think I get too upset or disappointed when my pupils don't perform or behave to expectations. I think I need to be less emo in my work. 


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    Don't neglect health and people that matters.

    That's why our 5000 years of Chinese wisdom says, "成家立业".

    Take care of home base first; our body and mind couldn't be more home base than home base!

    Well, that took you long enough!

    If we can't get past envy, jealousy, ego, we won't be able to mix with Tarzans (泰山) stronger than us.

    Look, all of us veteran old fogeys are looking like idiots standing next to youths invested in Bitcoins. Bitcoins just hit $24K! Power!

    Just be happy for youths. They cross their Eastern Sea their way; I cross mine in my dinosaur way.

    Always mixing with people weaker than us feels good (we are the Indian Chief in a small pond), but that will only stunt our growth.

    Remember, you are the few Chinese Singaporean Male who is able to speak proper Mandarin! Never mind teaching in Chinese!!!

    We are all Tarzans (泰山) in our own realms ;)

    If we own self don't love and respect ourselves, why should others?

  2. Thanks Smol.

    My health is like shit. Spiritually also quite shitty. Hahahah.

    Compare to u, 我的醉生梦死has a bad meaning to it

    I am trying to change my diet. Hope it gets better. If not, think I might need a scope soon

  3. 老师,好久不见了。我每次上华文课做小组活动时都会回想你举办的活动,让我们都喜欢学习华文。在新的一年里,我希望你不会太压力,身体健康!

  4. Bro,
    Thank you for your sharing.
    There maybe many reasons for gastric.
    I am not a doctor.
    Early this year, I went for a Endoscopy[from throat into stomach & from under go up to check colon]
    There are some 'minor' issues.
    But I m grateful its not major & things are under control.

    If you are ok, can go polyclinic to get a referral letter to see specialist in hospital. I went to NUH. then request for endoscopy to check stomach, colon.


  5. Bro,
    Gastric may not be due to stomach or colon.
    But just to share my experience.