Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tianneng Power International (0819): A different Tech Giant In the making in China?

First, this is the first time I personally experienced a stock that jumped 15% in a day, barring privatization offer.  

The more well-love subsidiary, TianNeng Battery listed in SSE STAR jumped 20%. Company will likely announce 1H results over the next few days. 

There has been "no news" or updates, since their last quarter results. But they have launch new product series of batteries, C, P and S, classic, premium and Selection. (, well attended by industry leaders. Also, either I have missed it earlier, I now saw an global website in English, which I thought is sleek. 

This post is like a pre-results Q and A session, so that I can zoom straight into the results to see if my thesis on the company is correct.

1) How is their lithium batteries production getting along?

2) Beyond their market leader position in light electric vehicles and mobiles, are they able to finally able to also capture a slice of the EV market?

3) Is their high double digit earning growth going to continue? 

4) Power storage solution is a Hugh market, with China, pledging to be carbon neutral in 2060, and continuous investment into renewable energy, the power transmission market will be significant market slice to be captured, that will allow the company to continue to grow.   

(Their batteries have a wide range of product applications)

If answers turn up positive for most of these questions, will the market finally rerate this company with a PE of about 5, as compared to CATL with PE of 184!!

Perhaps they are of different leagues. But the next few days will be interesting. 



  1. Been keeping your post at the back of my head and saw a big dip recently. Any reason for it?

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