Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Random Stories: The Christmas Tree

There lived this poor boy, who always passes the gift shop on his way to help his hawker father to clean up his stall. His parents worked hard to provide for him and his siblings. He never had to go hungry or endure the cold. Yet, whenever he passed the shop, he would looked at the Christmas Tree with envy.

From the display windows, he would see images of his classmates, celebrating Christmas, exchanging Christmas gifts, and the adults bringing out the feast for the children. 

Christmas, was just like any other days for him. It was just busier than usual at the Hawker Center. He will have to help his father with the business. He would spent the night washing the dishes and serving the customers. Somedays, he would see his classmates on their way to their Christmas Party. They would ask if he would be joining them later, and he would always replied:" I might, if business is good, and we clean up the stall earlier." Yet, he would never join them, he did not know how to ask his dad for money to buy the gift for exchange. 

He worked hard, and graduated from university. He made a decent a living, and his aged parents retired. He could now enjoy all the indulges that he could not afford in the past.

One day, he decided to buy a Christmas Tree, and invited his friends over to his house. He played music, was a good host to his guest, and serve his friends with the best food he could find. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, and felt he had arrived.

A few years has passed, he found the Christmas Tree a nuisance.  

It was difficult to fit the Christmas tree back into the box after Christmas celebration was over. And the Christmas Tree would have to be replaced after 2 years of use, otherwise the Christmas tree would not look nice.

He also found shopping for the decorations for the Christmas Tree a nuisance and no longer enjoyable

He started to wonder why Christmas Tree always look so pretty in the display windows and not in the house. His neighbor suggested that there are different sizes and models of Christmas Tree, and it is an Art to choose the type of decoration for the Christmas Tree. 

One day, he decided to pay a visit to his parents. His parents have continued to lived in the older estates. He saw 4 kids playing at the playground. 

They are stacking up rocks and stones, and planting twigs between the cracks. They sang Christmas Songs and hug one another. 

He suddenly felt a wave of intense emotions cruising through his whole body, and he could not describe what it is. 

He went to a nearby shop, bought some snacks. He went to the kids, and said:" Merry Christmas, what a beautiful Christmas Tree!" He took a photo of it with the kids and pass them the snacks.  



  1. Care to share the moral(s) of the story? Coz Im bad at deciphering them.

    1. Hi Philip,

      For me, (Author spoiler alert)

      Contentment, Greed, company ...
      It is not the christmas tree, it is the company, we all want something even better, when we had something, greed, makes us unhappy...

      Well... Actually, it is up to your interpretation.

      Guess you have something to share about my writing. Come come

    2. Huh no, I got nothing to comment on. I genuinely wanted to know the message you were putting across thru the story.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi SMOL, glad you like it... I guess everyone see the story differently. What did you see? Ahhahahaha

  3. Smol, the inspiration comes from what I heard and see after the release of PsLE results. Sigh...

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Sorry for the late reply. I worked today. They asked me to help them out for Black Friday promotions.

      When I read your story, I was thinking about our Singaporean aspiration to own private properties... I mean who doesn't want to belong to the 20% club?

      That to me is our "Christmas tree".

      I guess staying in condo would be cool. That's until the novelty wore off and we focus more on the running and upkeeping costs for facilities we never use!

      Plus its smaller than a HDB 5 room at double the price!?

      And what's the point if we have no one to share it with???

      A humble HDB can be warm and cosy if we are surrounded by people that matter ;)

      I hope your "inspiration" after the release of PSLE results came from parents... If its from students, it would be even more sad...

    2. Hmmm.... Is it still 20 percent club? Well, the inspiration luckily is from parents. But well, 孟姜女哭倒长城,is a student.

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