Friday, December 10, 2021

Random thoughts: SillyINC Streaming Channels

Silly Inc has a new subsidiary. It is venturing into live streaming channels. Competition is stiff, but SillyInc believed it has a several orginal titles that are going to be a hit, and give other streaming platforms a run of their money. Here are the trailers and introductions of the productions that took place in 2020/21

Sad soap operas:

1) DiaryFarm goats could not be milked

The story takes place in the early 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic is wrecking havoc and panic in every corner of the globe. The virus caused mutations in some people's brains, and they turned into Covidiots, a state some said are worse than Zombies, because they are actually still living.

The Covidiots cleared supermarkets of food, toilet papers and whatever they can lay their hands on. The opportunists saw runaway demands in the supermarket businesses. 

However, sadly, some of the goats in Yonghui China cannot bear milk, and where others supermarket chains are roaring with businesses and rewarded their staff with 16 months bonus, the opportunists got burnt in the market. 

2) E.S.R and green is red

The climate change has gather renewed impetus among the political elites and also the investing community. The corporate story began in China, where and listed Company known as TianNeng Power captured the imagination of a silly investor. The company boarded the E.S.R bandwagon, it produce batteries for electric bicycles and mini-vehicles, and spins off the battery producing company in STAR exchange of ShenZhen, and keep the parent company for recycling and trading of renewable materials.

Green is the future, and the silly investor thought his portfolio will be green too, with the addition of this future proof company. Every time the company exhibited price weakness, the silly investor accumulated the stock, believing that he knows better than the market. Will the story of David and Goliath be replayed, or will the market wipes out the confidence of the main character, silly investor? 


1) Alibaba and the Magic Carpet that flies in only one direction-Down

This 2021 Remake of the Alibaba Story is not without controversy. Alibaba is a well-known character who beats the odds, outwits the 40 bandits, the Genie. 

The 2021 Alibaba show is a collaboration with the Marvel Studio, and Alibaba partners Ant Man in his adventures. It is a bold remake and meshing of Hollywood and CCTV.

However, when many thought that the duo would be invincible, Ant Man got crushed when he transformed himself into a Giant, and is crushed by another Giant Wheel. No one even saw it coming, Ant Man is a 23 billion foot Giant and when it is crushed, all one can see is a axis rolled over Ant Man! Alibaba discovered to his dismay, that he might he have accidently utter the ancient words that unleash the Heavenly Axis. 

As the Giant Axis destroyed everything in the path of Alibaba and came towards Alibaba, Alibaba hops on to his Magic Carpet and dives into the deepest Valleys to avoid the crush of the Giant Axis.

Will Alibaba ever raise to see the light again, will Ant Man survives? Stay tuned to Silly Inv Streaming.. …


1) Hotung 

Hotung is a Hot Taiwanese Chic who came to work in Singapore. She is a filial daughter who gave money regularly to her parents, yes! Parents. She has daddy issues and do a lot of freelance works, some years she earn more and some years she earn less. 

When Covid struck, and many projects dried up, many of her supposedly "parents" dumped her, thinking she will no longer be the money tree. Yet, instead of dying, she thrives with her technological projects as hot as her looks... 

2) Ho Say Bo? Calvin 

At the height of the Pandemic, Calvin company went into troubles, or it seems. It has problems paying dividends to the shareholders and disgruntled shareholders whistle blow and spread rumors that Calvin have helped moved illicit funds. 

The seemingly distressed Calvin is however, a master tactician, who has everything under control. Ho Say Bo? Calvin? appeals to the dialect speaking region, and the humorous yet cunning Calvin always replied Bo Ho Say, who is the greater fool?


1) Yangzi and Ah long

The story of kawaii Japanese Jiu Jing Yang Zi who worked in a shipyard. The flower of the dock had a husband who is a "Ah Long", high interest creditor.

Contrary to convention wisdom, despite the many naysayers and objections, they have built on each other strength and loved each other. They overcome many obstacles, yet, just when Yangzi is doing very well in his company, rumors has it that they are planning to divorce. Yang Zi has confirmed that the rumors are true, but "Ah Long" is still not sure how the parted couple are going to be in their separate ways. Will they have a chance together again? The truth is, there are many suitors going after YangZi and Ah Long has also found a tai-tai that said she could help him expand his credit business. 

Is money always the cause of the end of love?


Silly Inc hope the highlights of the shows have got you intrigued. Do leave a comment or a rating after you have subscribed and seen the show. 


  1. Your stories got me to have a look at dairyfarm and the price was pretty shocking. Care to do an entry on your analysis on this company ?

  2. Hi Philip,

    Nice to see you again.

    The simple reasons of why I say bye bye. I do see the supermarket turnaround taking shape, with their operating profits improving (Excluding YongHui), and how their Meadows Brand cross selling across their shops.

    However, as long as China visitors dun frequent HK (due to pandemic now, but even if the borders are open, how welcome do they feel they shop there is questionable) the Beauty and Care Segment might not bounce anytime soon. Although the lifting of borders control would likely means the bottom of that segment is reached.

    YOnghui is however the wildest card.

    Given by my own silly rules of accumulation after 20-25% fall (30 % if during a panic event), I would renter perhaps around 2.7 - 2.8 since my exit price 3.4

    But before that, I would need to scrutinized Yonghui...

    In no rush and no mood to do it, since I am almost fully vested (90%), I do not see DFI hitting 2.8 soon.

    Hope my thinking helps

  3. It has reached the price range you mentioned. Will you enter or prefer to wait for this quarter's results to be out first?

    1. Hi.. Philip.

      I found Yonghui Q3 results and it is in a mess. I will just hang around first.

      Got a few companies have hit the radar too.

  4. Which other companies are there? Me still quite a newbie to all these...

  5. Well, if u are into turnaround plays or reopening theme. Take a look at comfort.

    But omicon is here. There is the inherent risk of doing turnaround plays

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  7. Hello. Any thoughts or insights on Diary Farm latest results ?

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