Friday, August 23, 2013

The different classfication of businesses by Peterlych

Interesting to learn he classify companies into different groups and develop different valuation to them.

1) Growers

2) Asset Plays

3) Stalwart

4) Turnarounds

5) Cyclical

Looking at my own portfolio,  SPH will fit into the stalwart category, as with the various GLC in SIngapore.

Cyclical could include YZJ, Golden agri

Asset plays?

Turnarounds? I stay away from this 

Perhaps its time to look at growers, Trek used to fit the bill, but turn out to be a lemon, others that might have the potential does not have strong balance sheet, perhaps its time to dig deeper. 

I wonder what are the reits call?

Namlee pressed metals actually fit into nothing, although it pay nice dividends, but dividend play should be at least 7% for those with leader position and maybe 8% for smaller ones, NamLee does not fit into both, It is bought for the NAV and cash generating story, which had soured.


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