Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Random thoughts: What makes me "sianz"

Warning: Whining and LOW energy post.

It is not my busy work. Although waking up at 5.30 a.m. is very tiring, but I can endure, and I will find pocket of enjoyement.

It is not my difficult "clients", I usually try to see things from their perspectives and brush it off as "jianghu... Can't help it", "if it's easy I would not have a job"

What really is sapping is at the end of the day, I keep hearing people grumbles about their life, that they are very "down on luck", they salted vegetable life! Aiyo, really sad lei.

Those who have the most, always felt the least. 

Although I know it is just talking cork and gossiping, it actually really get on my nerves!! 

No worries, I know when to keep my mouth shut when three women are complaining about a maid. 

I have nothing against women. Just find it easier to work than listened to all these unappreciative, energy draining words.

Please, 惜福。不惜福,无福,惜福惜福,人人有福。

My excitement about Adsense approval took a 180 degree u-turn just hearing them lamenting about life for 15 minutes,
Like we are under Japanese occupation, life really that bad huh...

Sigh... Sorry!! Second day in a row liao, and is rather frequent. Really getting on my nerves. I need a outlet. WTF...


  1. Hi SI,

    Gentle poke.

    If you find that pple are complaining about their life is energy draining, then why do you also complain about them complaining and potentially draining the energy off other readers? :)

    1. LP

      No worries, I know I will invite pokes for this post. Nonetheless, it's still better for a fellow blogger to tell me than when I am telling myself inside the head over and over again.

      I already had a disclaimer right at the top. :)

      Feeling better at your expense. My apologies...

  2. Take it easy my friend.

    Don't let the negative sucks out your positive energy.

    Let it go, let it go, and look forward to a better tomorrow :)

    1. Hi B

      Thank you!! Now waiting for SMOL poke or cold shoulder LoL...

      Talking to yourself can only get you this far..

  3. I now lazy to bother what others are discussing also.


    1. Yeh,


    2. your house got so many women?

      anyway my paper loss now -7k. yeh

      btw SCI and STE is up today!

    3. LoL,

      The way you ask made my cheeky, ya I have a way with women such that there are always at least 3 women in the house LOL

      Yeh, congrats with the rise in price. 7k relative to your port size is like Zzzzz. La. Chill ...

    4. Too many women in house not good. According to fen shui.


    5. Actually I still have some money to buy. About 50% of my portfolio size. Some are my husband money.

      I see now also nothing to buy. So i just wait. I a bit regret not buying keppel corp.
      Now price very high liao!

      Well 7k losses also money. Luckily I last year got earn 20k realised profit n dividend. Thanks to singtel n ocbc. And some of my us stock.

      If u do buy us stock. I think ahli baba below 80 can buy.

      Don't forget my mum lose all her saving. So i need to prepare retirement fund for her as well.

    6. Yeh, we cannot expect to buy at bottom all the time isn't it? Hence, it's part and parcel to manage loss in investing. It's the long run that is important

  4. Hello SI,

    If I have colleagues who are that negative, I'd smile and stay away. Negative vibes are contagious.

    Hang out online! We're a merry bunch of bloggers, aren't we?

    1. SRSI,

      It is easier at work, just walk off. Dun give him the hard part of the project. Manage his Cow Bei as his work.

      It's easy to see why people say work as a burden, so I usually just smile. Sometime I fail to see why people dun see something else ...

      It's ok. You are right! The blogger sphere are full of proactive energy.

      I am like a pendulum that will swing either sides ...

      No where to run, only place to run is to the heart, where it can get internalizise and filter.

      When the dirt is more than the filter can take, I felt disguist and loses respect ...

      Maybe so I am selfishly getting a outlet online

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Just the other day, 4 cockatoos flew and rested on the balcony outside my flat.

    Very pretty in white with the yellow finger feathers thingy on their heads :)

    But their bird calls sounded horrible :(

    Turn to mom excitely, "Ma! 四喜临门!"

    1. SMOL,

      I know reframing technique, and I AM using them frequently to cope with it.

      Sometimes, I just have to accept my ability to reframe is weak. Read what I said to SRSI.

      So I cow Bei cow bu online. Thank you for not giving me a tony jar jar

    2. same thing happen to me too!

      4 guys turn up at my door last week with smilling faces and i thought i'm into something good!

      then i remember they were the aircon guys thats going to fix my new aircon, thats 4k down the drain!

    3. Wa Coconut!!

      You lived in GCB ?? How many aircons you have?!!

      4 K can get brand new system 3 or 4 aircon liao lei. Why your repair costs so ex!!

    4. oh, i mean install my new system 4 mitshibishi aircon, $3,900 to be exact.

  7. LOL, uncle temperament,

    You go and visit then still go park read newspaper, no one say u unfriendly eh??

    I think the "it could be worse" reframing I used so much that it's effect is reducing...

    The "I am part of the vondoo" reframing also... Zzz

    The cuckoo are 四喜临门need some creativity to see the brightness behind it, so my reframe:

    If it's not so pissing at night, how to appreciate my work in the day so much


  8. The important question is, will you be subject to these women's discussions everyday or is it just a one-off?

    1. It's has been pretty frequently, 2-3 days in a row, then maybe one day break because one of them
      Not around. Then break one day. If we talk about simple complaints, not silly lamenting that goes on for 10 minutes and above, I thinks it's everyday

  9. Just walk away loh... sometimes when ACCICB complain, I give solution but not acceptable and he just continues.. I just walk away. Maybe people complain just to release stress or for bonding reasons.. then over time it becomes a habit. Sometimes no solution to the source of complaint or just take take action to resolve the source so only thing left is to complain!

    1. Hi Joyce,

      Ya la, I tried to move aside and teach my son and niece chinese to "walk off", but a bit loud and elaborated. No sure why I so upset, maybe fatigue make fuse short.

      But I talk to one of the three women and tried to address the "concerns", hopefully things get better

      Thanks for dropping a comment

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