Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Random thoughts: Having fun organizing CNY concert

First of all, wish all readers a wonderful New Year.

This is the first year I oversee the whole CNY concert for my school, I am usually just in charge of a small segment, and even if I did organized the whole event before, I used to have senior teachers and HOD advising and guiding me. This year the role reversed.

I am born in the year of the Goat, I knew this year I am "supposed" to be super "bad luck", so I mentally prepare myself for all hiccups. 

During the rehearsal, the staff in charged of slide presentations did nothing, although I did remind the IC to ask her to consolidate everything.

One good thing happened: I didn't lose my cool, I simply ask her to gather as much as possible, do simple samples AsAP so that we can at least proceed with the rehearsal, which she did. 

About half the performers did not turn up for the rehearsal due to competition committment.

At the end of the rehearsal, the stage screen broke down. It could no longer move up and down. My TA teacher told me in a very solemn manner that we must think of what to do if it cannot be fixed in 2 days time. 

After speaking with a few people, I decided with Plan B, taking out all items that required the projected screen and replace it with interactive games with the audience.

Then my P told me it is better to have the screen always down instead, which create another set of problems with performers like wushu and dance that required the whole stage!

I start formulating Plan C. By then, I was told the good news the screen was fixed. And the most heartwarming thing is I saw the "bo chap" teacher rehearsing of her own the newly created slides which I think was a job well done! 

The IC was very in the ball too, when we discuss about what went wrong during rehearsal, there is no finger pointing just cool discussion on what can be done.

The actual day started without much hiccups, until we realised the Lion Dance CAi Qing created a big mess at the stage with local lettuce, orange skins and star dusts on the stage floor after their performance. 

The dance teacher was telling me they cannot perform in such a stage and The pupils will slip and fall. We immediately change the sequence of the items and sweep up the stage with curtain closed.


Things run very smoothly with very little "white spaces", so smooth that we will end earlier by 30 min!! My teachers were saying this is the first time it happen! 

So, I told my teachers we will have a surprise item of peeling oranges competition and I got my colleagues to join as participants at a short notice.

The pupil emcees were worried. I told my teacher Training them to just say:" we have a surprise item" and pass the mic to me.

After the event ended, everything was also Sui Sui to me. A wonderful CNY celebration, one that I thought it's really fun as many things were done nicely impromptu without planning!! 

Of course, it could not have happened without the brains of my teachers who highlight the issues to me.

A wonderful day and I felt so satisfied going to the year of the goat after the event.

A wonderful start in my eyes.

Wish all of you a happy new year too!


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    A happy and heng heng CNY to you!

    I'm also a goatee ;)

    No, it's a good year, a glorious year for us all!

    Rehearsal is good; planning is good.

    Impromptu is also good!!!

    Glad you has fun!

    1. Hi SMOL,

      So you are 48 this year!!

      You are nearing the 知天命years!

      Yes, propersperity is 30% wealth 70% mind.

      The stars can only affect my 30% wealth and not my 70% mind

    2. Btw,
      SMOL, tell you something that reminded me of myself. We have 2 pupils going for speaking competition. Both got into final and was awarded 1st grade and 2nd grade prize!! I was elated. My teacher told me the girl who got second prize was sad, and cried, even left with mum without taking the cert.

      I ask my teacher to console her and hug her. Assuring her it is very good results.

      My teacher told me later that she was initially very happy until she learned her classmate got the the first award.

      I smiled. I told me teacher: aiyo! This girl will not be happy with 1 million because her friend got 2 million. My teacher said 收到

      As I walk away and think, I realised many a times I am also like the little girl. LOL.

      Anyway, wish u a prosperous goat year!!

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      Awareness ;)


  2. A very Happy Goat year to you....Huat ahh!

  3. Thanks David,

    May you huat big big too. Have a blessed goat year

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