Friday, February 13, 2015

Random thoughts: Kite flying at Valentine Day

 Kite flying could be done during Chong Yang, but we did it during valentine morning.

Was testing the DIY kite my son made. Kites will be what my class will be selling at Sentosa Flea market

Nice? Cannot really fly at my MIL condo compound.

My son and I have a good time running around though while my wife gave my the "my 2 kids" look. 

The spirit of kite flying, going outdoor with family is what I have in mind when I finally decide to sell kites. 

Just like investing. The toughest part is not actually the type of kite, but the area you are in, is it spacious enough? Is there tail wind? 

Even you have both, it is always tough at the beginning trying to get it off the ground to fly. Once up in the air, all you need is to tighten and release.

Our kite keep crashing to the ground. But if we do not lament the crashing, and try again, it is still quite fun, isn't it?

Although I am a bit worried about selling faulty kites, my wife told me it has nothing to do with the kites but our skills. 

Happy Valentine day, everyone!! 

I bought the most ex. Valentine present in my life and wife doesn't like it. Sigh... That's life. LOL. May you have better luck with your valentine


  1. What you bought for your wife?

    1. Hi yeh,

      I bought a small gold pendant in the shape of a rose and heart. She says look Cou lor. She wants petite ... LOL.

      What would u like ?

    2. I asked my hubby stop buying me anything when my bday or V day. Don't waste money.

      But last year he bought me a gold pendant also.

      I think he didn prepare anything for me this year. Anyway i also didn prepare him anything.

      Ohh ya. I prepare for him a V dinner. Talk to you again. Going to cook now.


    3. Gold got value, so it's not buy and throw... Justs paying for workmanship LOL

  2. Oh dear SI.. hope your wife can understand is the thought that counts

    1. Hi Retail Trader,

      She appreciate the thoughts but no like the design. No need pretending la. LOL.

      Btw, new year is coming, wish you huat at trading


  3. SI : The thought of "my 2 kids" running around made me giggle but that's the quality time with family that I am talking about. Keep it up...

    You have a great Valentine's Day too!

    1. Thanks Richard for your well wishes

      May the new year bring more fortune for u, and your online passive income prosperous

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