Friday, February 6, 2015

Random thoughts: Excel in Sports CCA and Studies

The pursuit of academic excellence is always on going. I noticed something rather different between excellence in Sports CCA and Studies. I am speaking from my experience.

How do we win in Sports?

Besides innate abililty/ advantage, such as height in basketball and volleyball etc. The two crucial factors are: The right coach and the number of training.

Lets assume the pupils are motivated enough to train. 

There is only this much a coach can value add in terms of teaching methods. During my secondary school days, I learn volleyball from scratch, and I am a shortie, less than 1.6 m during secondary 1. I stupidly followed my "talent scouted" friend for additional training. My coach is kind enough to accept me into the training sessions. 

We trained 4 times a week, with each session stretching to 7 p.m., during the holiday leading up to the competition, we train 6 times a week, from morning till evening.

Practice makes perfect. We spar with seniors, we train and train. There is no real variety in training methods, just drills and drills, and physical training to increase our speed and power and etc. 

In the end, its the frequency that counts.

In teaching, we always share best practice. ICT lesson, experiential lesson, collaborative strategies. These are like the drills, and tools we used during sport training. Yes, different methods have varying effectiveness and some are more effective than others.

But it seems some are missing the forest for the trees, when the pursuit is in the type of teaching, rather than the teacher behind the teaching and the frequency of tool used. The most effective teacher and method might not be a fanciful lesson. It could be, but it need not be. 

Just a weekend thought.



  1. Hi SI,

    Ah, but the motivation of the student to train cannot be assumed. I think that's a very huge assumption. Most of the time, a teacher will have to motivate, teach, drill and test the kids. If only students come in all prepared to learn, we just have to do the easier half. These days, I think I spend most of my efforts on motivating and building confidence...very little effort needs to be spent (from my perspective because I knew the content so well) imparting knowledge.

    That said, I still agree with you that consistency triumphs eventually. You can have the most effective and the most interesting lesson in the whole world, or the most talented student around, if you spend x hours while others spend xx hours, the latter wins. Eventually.

  2. Hi LP,

    CCA is choosen, whereas studies, pupils do not really have a choice, hence it is little wonder why some are not motivated at their studies.

    If you make frequency high enough while keeping the pupils engaged, any pedagogy yield results, if you ask me. As for 21 century skills for the future work force, that will be another post LOL

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