Sunday, February 15, 2015

Parkson Retail Asia: Vietnam operations

I think it's important to write this in a new post instead of just updating my previous post.

Further Update:

Closed store at Hanoi not managed properly.

Parkson has a lot of explains to do, especially with the sudden eviction nearer to CNY

Also, given Keangnam tower Parkson has a key able area of 28700 square meter and an average rent of 60 USd per month, a year rents could amount to 27 mio sing dollars in a year. That's pretty scary. 

Imagine the amount of compensation.


I have written to IR, hope they reply soon, and I will update again


  1. think we all will be busy these few days.
    wish you a happy cny and prosperous yang nian.

    well, most important, a healthy year ahead:)

    1. Hi Yeh,

      Thank you, same to u. Indeed tomorrow is my "big day", hope everything go smoothly and may u huat this new year

    2. what big day? hahahaah. ok, i think i knew what you mean.

      tomorrow also my busy day, actually today also quite busy, work till 7pm:( want to die liao.

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