Thursday, January 9, 2014

Random thoughts - Sad slave to a paid salary


This is a complaint and whinny post, if you are having low energy too, stop reading

I work with bosses with last minute requests.

Ok, thats common.

But they flip-flop on their last minute instructions.

Ok, endure for that salary.

They have no back-bone, and retract their orders because they felt the pressures.

I despise...

They have the cheek to say my good colleague who is slogging her guts out that she need to learn?!!

Puit!! (Spitting)

Bureaucracy in Ivory Tower! Hey, if you cannot support our core business, stay out of the way! Our passion already is in a constant need for self-revival, please do not bombarded us with your silly requests, like everything in capital letter, like change the whole thing, only to tell us to follow this format to standardize when we finished your work!

I tell you, you don't listen, then you ask me why? I told you, send you email, what more you want? Huh? You still don't know, hey, that's not my problem!

Hey your little pleasures add no value to our core business, do your paper work to please your superiors, and get out of my way!

I am Zen, be glad that I kena only 4 out of the 6 complaints, I didn't kena the Capital Letter thingy, I don't have to see the smug face of asking me to learn, just angry for my colleague.

Enjoy the process, look to my core business... To the hell with the rest!


  1. How to be everyday happy at workplace?

    No such thing!

    Not even for self-employed.

  2. Haha.. CW

    That's true.

    I dun mind hard work, demanding work. I just find some people buay pie say and sickening.

    Anyway, all unhappiness usually don't last more than 1 day with me. I am moving on ...

    I ask myself this qn just now, if I had financial freedom now, would I quit. Answer is properly "no", I think I like my core job enough to let some stupid people ruin it.

    Sorry for being so negative. Cheers, the last complaint before we ride the year of horse.

  3. Handwork now is necessary for the salary to keep coming in.

    Ancient saying "You need Gold to breed Gold", In modern time, we need money to grow money. Knowing that every single dollar is hard earn at work, we will strive to spend our money wisely.

    Unhappy with the corporate world? We shall strive to achieve financial freedom and retire at time when we are done with the corporate world.

    Another ancient saying "this too will pass", any bad things or incidents, will eventually comes to pass. Be hopeful

  4. Thank you solace,

    I should be thankful that I have a good 9 years already. I like my job, it's what I enjoy nett nett, but guess with new management, it's time to cut loss and find another counter, but staying vested . I am glad I apply for a transfer when the opportunity came knocking from my previous boss. Lets hope it's successful

  5. One way to be in control of our works with no bosses, no clients, no subordinates and no colleagues is to become a full-time investor one day.

    Buay song with any stocks; just fire them immediately!

    Song song just collect dividends from them.

  6. I still some way to go.. Haha CW, size of my port is no secret..

    But I will still work when that day come... Maybe I will climb down ladder and focus on core then

  7. Throughout my working life, in the beginning the new boss will like me. Why? Which boss doesn't like hardworking and willing to accept shit jobs without playing office politics worker.

    Alas colleagues who play office politics will have more influence and cushier jobs. Besides they know how to kill you softly with their songs to the boss.
    Sad, that's life.

    That's one of the reason i stop working at the age of 53 and becomes a house-husband and chauffeur and moral support for my wife's agony in her struggling in her office politics too. One person suffers better than two. Besides my wife is earning much more than me. And i am doing O. K. as an "OPMI".

    Of course she is like me. In fact more "toot". Don't know how to politics. Don't know how to make or break a quarrel. At least at times i know how to defense but is helpless even though i know what office politics is about. It just not in my character to politic.

    And you know what?

    Her office had only a working colleague (her junior) and her Boss(Lady) only.
    This is a joke right? No it's isn't. Until i told my wife to tell her Boss that anything the junior not happy about works or anythings about my wife, she(junior) should approach my wife first to settle the matter. After all we are all in our late 50s. And if the "problem" can not be settled between both of us, then we may bring it up to you boss. Anyway it's only 3 of us, how come we can not work as a team? Actually who holds the key to team work?(Of course this is in thoughts only. My wife still doesn't want to get the walking certificate).

    So i am not surprised when i read about 60 to 70%(if i am not wrong) of workers in Singapore want to change job this year because of LOUSY BOSSES.
    i hate Office Politics.

    If i run my own business, the first thing i tell my new employee is no office politics. If you play office politics you will be sacked. We all must work in a team.
    i hate Office Politics.
    What about Singapore Politics?

    And do you know why i write in the present tense?

  8. Uncle temperament,

    U have a really cool wife, seriously, I dun think I have that luxury since I earn much more than my wife and I play office games/ or etiquette better than her.

    Our temperament determine our work life, I always try to look on the bright side, perhaps it's was transistion period, I am still in ex- boss mode. Should give my new boss more chances. He is human too.

    But I realised that sad thing is, the higher u get, u have less friends who tell u as it is, I am not sure how many tell my boss as it is. During those management meeting, it seems I am the only one bringing out constraints and speaking up for my workers. Like I very negative or lousy like that...

    If there is a purpose and value in a initiative, I can bunker down and work hard with my workers, but I can't pass myself to do things on paper to pass things on paper to suit the top.

  9. Sometime, I ask myself... Seriously, am I the only one that see it as a problem, a serious enough one that will affect morale or productivity ? Why are the rest quiet? They have solutions to that already ?? They are able to manage it?? Am I really that lousy?

    In investment terms, I see inefficient allocation of capital, and downright diworaification at times. But am
    I the only one seeing it? If it is, it is just my problem ?? Am I the one having the problem?

  10. Smaller account size harder to do diversification. One day, it will be efficient.

  11. What would u consider as effective diversification ?

    What results are u looking for diversification

  12. Plot your portfolio value across market cycles then you will know your own volatility and beat. LOL!

  13. Thanks. Another angle to look at things...

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