Monday, January 13, 2014

Random thoughts- shouldn't Singpost and SPH consider working together?

Just some random thoughts here.

Singpost and SPH both have Hugh distribution network.

Singpost wanted to go big on online retail, wanted to sign online franchise, SPH has hardwarezone and advertising is but a small variable cost.

SPH help in advertising, add e-commerce depth to Singpost, singpost deliver both posts and newspaper. Parcel can be collected at both singpost outlets as well as Buzz pods. This will give buzz pod some retail depth and increase singpost retail distribution reach.

When singpost go newspaper delivering, parcel for posts can be given to the delivery man using Pre-paid packages or containers?

Wouldn't there be some cost savings and cross selling effect? SPH subscribers would get promotional rate for the e-commerce product of singpost, those bartering at hardwarezone can use singpost services, the sgcarmart can divert car loans applicants to ge money of singpost.

Singpost underdeveloped properties to be sold to SPH REIT and retail space further enhanced, especially the paya Lebar headquarters?

Am I making sense at all? This is a random thoughts series post, don't take me too seriously.


  1. Hi SillyInvestor

    Singpost had collaborated with M1

    This might answer part of your question perhaps , Singpost may want to target more globally instead of locally in my opinion.


    Small-Time Investor

  2. Cool, thanks for the info.

    True.. Singpost has more region reach than SPH, but M1... It's reach also very limited ... Isn't it

  3. news paper delivering is done early in the morning, i doubt anyone will want to wake up to receive parcels from the delivery man early in the morning.

  4. CY, i am just having random thoughts, not serious business analysis, haha. but I do believe there is some synergy and cost efficiency to be exploited, although it would also mean some poor auntie or uncles will be out of job.

    How about the delivery man of SPH doubling the singpost job?

    Most importantly, the moat can come from e-commerce and advertisement, and scale of subscriptions. SPH already have a few e-platforms, some with good volume, singpost e-products could add depth to it, with some reorganization, signposts outlets and buzz pods and help cross sell each other services.

    Also, if we talk about sme e-commerce, network of suppliers and customers, it made even more sense with the advertisers of buyers and sellers tapping on both singpost and SPH network of distribution.

    Naa.. Just off the head... Business consultant will do files of business report, what I can think of, they would think of anyway.

  5. Basically the partnership with M1 as stated :

    "We partnered M1 Limited to add new telecommunication
    services at the post offices including the application for
    new postpaid mobile and broadband services, as well as
    re-contracting services. With the expanded offerings, we set
    up new telecommunication counters with dedicated staff
    at three post offices, namely Yishun, Woodlands and Marine
    Parade post offices, to better serve our customers."

    Partnership with DBS :

    In a landmark partnership with DBS, SingPost started
    offering basic banking services at all its post offices from
    January 2012. This initiative allows our customers who
    bank with DBS the convenience of making cash deposits
    and withdrawals as well as applying for the poSB everyday
    savings account at any post office. Our tie-up with the
    bank to provide new notes exchange service before
    the Chinese New Year at some post offices for the second
    consecutive year also received good response. "

    From my observation , Singpost would like to reach out to the crowd as "Substation " of the main compaines in frontline customer servicing too other than their usual services .

    This in term would perhaps retain or even improve the crowd .

  6. Thanks for the info!! Small time investor ! I am not thinking so much of carrying of service to serve more customers.

    I am more intrigues with their prospect of logistic arm filling the expansion of e-commerce and retail.

    Just MHO, I think singpost is up against really big players in e-commerce whereby network effect and scale is very important. If u want to sell something, I think u will think eBay or maybe (just maybe) hardwarezone, if u want to buy, the world is your oyster.

    Singpost is trying to sign big names, they already have Adidas, because u need big number of members to make the venture worthwhile. And numbers attract more names.

    I just *imagine if sPH with its million readers can be hook to that, and at the same time increase digital subscription because it offer new member discount to online shopping. Singpost offer the discount in products, and SPH offer the discount in advertising. Of course, when u want a good deal, u do groupon, but buy through them, u can have it delivered to your house at lower costs?? SPH has been acquiring online platforms, how about some consolidation?

    Seriously, their network overlapped quite a bit, although as CY mention, no one want a parcel in the wee hours of the morning, but dun forget SPH send papers in the evening to petrol kiosks and the likes etc, how about collecting posted mail?

    Again, this is just an FUN exercise, there could be hidden cost of collaboration or perhaps sharing of benefits that is titled heavier to one side.