Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Random thoughts: just curious, what come to your mind?

Look at these 2 videos, tell me what come to your mind?

coke happiness 1

coke & Singapore kindness movement

Do let me know what u think ok?

My colleague send me this link, and wanted us to see the creativity behind it. He ask us to think why would coke do something like this is remotely related to the business.

Another colleague's response: its a CSR exercise- Coporate social responsibility.

I am worse. It's a marketing exercise to build up the brand. Relating the experience of happiness to coke. Not unlike what Disney, Starbucks and macdonald are trying to achieve with their advertisement. I agree the marketing and CSR exercise is done very creativity and meaningfully, but I think the underlying motive is still profits.

Cold? I think I am cold too. For those whose first thoughts are " so sweet, so touching", let me piss you off further of what I thought when I saw the first video.

A bottle cap for 3 min of overseas call? A coke cost perhaps $1. If so many are Calling, it could only mean 2 things:

1) the telephone booth is there only for a short period of time, after the exercise is over, it will be removed. (But better than nothing)

2) Maybe it can be cheaper than a bottle of coke, that means the telcos are charging an super super high rate for broadband or whatever line to connect people.

My apologies. Investing might have made me a little... Can't find the adjective. What's your first thoughts? Same as mine? Totally different? Would like to hear from u.

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