Monday, June 23, 2014

Random thoughts: Food chain of human

Coming to the end of my break, feeling a little distressed and yet excited about the change in my working environment. I was shopping at popular (not vested) for my office supplies, as I no longer have close colleagues in my new workplace where I could borrow stuff from... Hehehe I know I cheapo, but I return when I remembered.

Since I was vested in venture, I can't help by looking at which POS retailers are using. Today, I looked up and saw the cashiers counting money and trying to clear the sales as quickly as possible.

Then a question come to mind: how much does these cashiers earn? How much does the boss of popular earn? In a capitalism world, money is the title. Although u are not above law, if u are rich enough, you are almost above everything else.

I always wonder why are construction workers so badly paid? They work their shit out, endure the sun and dangers of the workplace, and most probably earn less than half of my pay?

We always heard the term, higher value job, from labour intensive jobs to capital intensive to the latest knowledge intensive job. It is believed the higher you go up the food chain, oops value chain, actually food chain is correct, the lesser the people who can do that job, and hence better pay. I actually think it is quite bullshit.

IMHO, it is opportunities. Give those blagandesh a formal education, they will be more hungry in the moving up of food chain than you or me. What create this opportunities are actually the elite of the elites, those in the government, and whether they are good enough in playing the game of capitalism to the benefits of its people.
Some play the game of capitalism well, but only to fatten themselves. Next time you feel like wacking our government, think of other countries, and with your hand on your heart, ask if our government try to filter down that benefits. That the benefits filter down unevenly is also the food chain effect, but as far as I can see it, the filtering down of benefits are not too bad.

For those higher up in the food chain, they could be earning millions monthly or yearly, your dream house is what they can pay off in 1 year, sickening isn't it.

We learn to invest or at least I learn to invest, to try to move up the food chain. Globalization cause the food chain to expand, and now it is a much bigger Eco-system where bigger sharks appear and smaller ikan bilis appear to serve that chain.

Hmm... Another system perhaps? Socialism I heard? Do you know that our leaders have socialist leaning too? You might be shocked, but workfare, CPF, 10 years compulsory education are some to start with.

Oh that is a warped socialism. Those of you who watch matrix might recall the engineer telling "the one" he first create a perfect world but the perfect world system crash because humans are not perfect.

Is there a lesser evil? I guess not. I used to think that the higher value job pay better because it did the job of 10, and hence get the pay of 5 into 1 but made 9 jobs obsolete.

I now have a different take, the higher value job make 9 obsolete, but if the higher up know how to play the capitalism rules well, it could take on a new Eco-system and create 3-4 lower jobs that pay better in net effect the 9 jobs lost. But hey, it would mean another 5 jobs are still lost!

The sad fact is, if you dun move up the food chain, u will get eaten sooner or later.

But be happy, food chain are usually in a circle. Your boss pay you peanuts, you as a consumer become a group known as client that your boss need to pander to.

I remember one of my colleague complaining about sudden change in work schedule. He was lamenting:" who complain about the schedule?" I told him in the face:" do u really think if it is us complaining, the management will take any actions?" He smiled and replied:"ya huh". It is sad but the truth, before the work schedule come into force, I already told my colleague to emphasized some of the issues in the schedule, I told her specifically:" let her know about this, I think both staff and customers will be up in arms if they see this." My friend told my boss, her response is :"ok what". See? The food chain effect at work, it takes a client email to get the ass of the management working again and cause a big earthquake to the schedule affecting everyone.

I even ask my friend jokingly:" what can be lower than A piece of shit in the food chain?" My friends are a bit stunt before I replied:" us! Because we need to clean up other people mess."

When my wife complained about some issue at work, my reaction is:" Are you close to the customers? Get them to email the management." Of course, there are enlightened ones, who understand we must also respect our food. But most bosses I work with don't understand it, it need the higher up in the food chain to knock some senses.

Thanks for reading the whole piece of my bubbling nonsense. Appreciate it.


  1. Hahaha... Enough of "complaining" Liao, your boss is asking u go back to work already ;-)

    My view is : the one at the top of the god chain using more brain power while the one at the bottom using more physical strength... ;-)

  2. Not complaining, I deem myself rather high up in the food chain. Very contented. But feel that the system is really sad although there is no better alternative

    U like to do construction work? Yet we complain about FT taking our jobs

  3. That's why I never complain about FT as they are doing some important yet mundane jobs that we don't want to do! ;-)

  4. Law of Demand and Supply of human asset will determine asset pricing. No?

  5. Totally valid. Capitalism is based on demand and supply.

    Just that not many realized demand and supply apply to human too

  6. Of course, price is what u pay, value is what u get. In human, we have overvaluation and undervaluation too. Those with hidden talents are asset plays, those with attitude and hunger are growth plays, those will resilience are recovery plays.

    Well, money are not everything, before I get slammed with comments that started talking about human spirit, I am purely talking about human service in the labour market, not human relationship or spirit

  7. Hmm, this article is quite riddled with mistakes..quite unlike you. Too angry, too tired, perhaps?

  8. Hi thanks LP,

    A bit tired as I am unwell, but not angry la. I just bought a new phone and the font is super tiny...

    Always have difficulty proof reading on a smartphone.

    Thanks for pointing out the mistakes. I corrected all that I can find.

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