Friday, June 6, 2014

Random thoughts: Why am I blogging?

To answer this question, I need to answer when and what.

When I first started, it is for advertisement fees. Later, that reason disappeared.

Now the what. When I blogged random thought series, I just speaking my mind, hope to find some like- minded people, get some comments, get some discussion. It is really a telecast of talking to myself, which I enjoyed, but rather difficult to make it to friends' conversation.

The second part of what and when. When I blogged about companies, initially, I wanted affirmations, discussion of companies, blind spots, and also so call spread the wealth. I huat people also huat.

Now when I blogged about companies, I know there are usually very little comments, so discussion on companies might be better served as valuebuddies forum. As for sharing of info, so that other can huat, I know I don't have a good record, people who huat under me would most probably lose their pants too. Following bloggers call is a dumb thing isn't it.

The final when, recently, I am very clear. Writing about a company is a very effective way of consolidating my thoughts, and crystallization the stance, it is still a compelling buy or wait and see? I also want to see if my blog has a influence on stock price, hahaha, I it would have impact just like an analyst report.

Finally, blogging is a way to escape boredom. Go party? Hmm.. What's that next counter that I am interested in...


  1. The bloggers may have $X,XXX,XXX as investing capital.

    How can anyone just follow without knowing their own capital size that can fit into that investing strategies and long-term investing goals?

  2. Same to me, blogging is my online voice to share my thought (rightly or wrongly) and hopefully can get to know more liked minded peers!

  3. Keep on blogging, you are doing great work there.

    Always good to read your views on investment and the economy.

  4. Thanks solace,

    Glad u find my blog posts interesting. I will be blogging more frequently, since I am having my holidays now. LOL

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