Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Random thoughts: Teacher's Day- A confession of a teacher.

Happy early teacher's day! To all my fellow colleagues if any of the readers are teachers. I know of 2 at least. I am speaking for myself only. U dun have to agree with me.

It is a confession because I am a cynical person and although I have a big Ego, some of the motivational slogan is really a bit over the head even for my big ego.

My honest thoughts:

"Teacher, a profession that create all other professions" 

No, the economy creates jobs and hence professionals.

"All doctors, lawyers pass through the hands of a teacher"

You are right, so are most white collar criminals and maybe rapists, robbers and etc. We might have a hand in creating the good but we also have negligent in stopping the evil. If we should not be too harsh on ourselves than we shall not put halo on our heads too. 

To me, it's a wonderful and enriching job nonetheless. U for the 1-3 years, meet someone, they are under your care and u try your best for them to get the best results. Along the way, u hope they learn the soft skills and values, and because u demanded from them, u tried to better yourself. I believed I am a better man no matter how "lousy" in absolute terms, but still better due to my profession. 

The most fulfilling part, is when teaching the weakest of pupils. Pupils who most probably no longer believe they can do it, and yet they improve and become more confident. They are grateful and they become closer to you. The reverse is true, it is more painful when they do worse under your care. 

I know of teachers who double up as social workers. Hats off to them. The spark of human spirit, can be seen in the colleagues who work alongside with you, it is a humbling and lifting experince. 

It is really a job of a boy who throw the starfish back into the sea. It's not going to change the world, and with exception of extreme cases of both pupils and teachers, the impact might not be lifelong .

But no one live forever. Look at yourself, even your parents do not have the biggest dent in your life isn't it? U are the one that draw on your experinces and filter the experinces and become who you are. 

I just hope I can be part of the positive force that shape the filter of experinces in the young mind and heart. 

Happy teacher's day! 

It's my childhood dream. 

My son made me a teacher's day card. I sharing it with u LOL 

See. My son holds mummy's hand and I am the one that always disturb him. Lol.

But I think I more handsome LOL


  1. Hi SI

    A teacher is more often a mentor and rightfully so everyone goes through the motion of learning from the teaching of a teacher.

    Happy teachers day. It has been a deserved praise for you.

    1. Hi B,

      If we define anyone that mentors/ teach as teachers, then yes, everyone pass through a teacher.

      But I wouldn't define it that way LOL.

      Your doctor senior that guide u is a doctor. I am talking about "pure" teachers ... Teaching as a profession and nothing else.

      Come join the friendly sky when u reach FI ok. But I guess given your credentials, they will ask u to be VP admin instead ...

  2. Hi SI,

    I had gave tuition for >10 yrs, with kids ranging from primary, secondary and junior college during this period. It is tiring for me, juggling work and tuition but extremely enriching.

    Last year I attended my student wedding. It feels great.

    Teacher is a noble job. Happy teacher's day!

    1. Thanks! Rolf,

      Indeed the building of relationship is a good job... Its not just about "teaching" anymore in singapore context... It is more vibrant, CCA, learning journeys, overseas trip...

      Its a nice exp... I will never be invited for a wedding dinner though.. I teach primary school and I dun intent to stay in the same school for donkey years, Once I found the winning formula here, and done all that I wanted.... Its time to move on to another school

  3. Hi SI,

    Thoughtful teachers like you is a gem. They will learn a lot more than the subject from you, I'm sure :) Have a great day on Fri ya? For me, I'll be working my ass off as usual lol

    1. Haha LP,

      Then you will receive a lot of presents LOL

  4. Hello Sillyinvestor,

    If we need slogans to get motivated to be a teacher, we are in trouble already!

    Notice the smiles your son drew in his pictures?

    Keep the drawings on your desk. Whenever you're depressed or deflated, look at them to remind yourself on what really matters :)

    1. Indeed, who need slogan to be motivated... LOL

      the drawings are nice....

      The details of me pulling his hair, LOL.... personal... I like

  5. Hi SI,

    Those drawings really bought some smiles to me too :) I guess in a way, all parents also have a teacher role and the best teacher always teaches by example. Happy teachers' day!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. A teacher is like a torch lighting up younger lives... Looks like you found your own torch at your household!

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