Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Random thoughts: value of outsider view

In the stock markets, we value insider view. People who worked in the industry or even better, executives who worked in the companies, would have insights that others would not have access to. 

But I also enjoyed listening to "outsider thoughts" of my "industry" 

Recently, I was whinning to a group of friends about my work, what stressed me up and the nightmares I am having etc...

Because I am so used to the way of the workings of my "industry" that I forget my "customers" are not just tools for actualisation of my "sales targets"

It suddenly dawned on my how much my pendulum have shifted to the right (although they are many in my industry who are even more "right" LOL) 

Take the baggage off the shoulders. Some of the self-cheerleading, are now a "lame excuses" in the industry but if u think of it from another persepctive, it is a valid reason. It might means an "outsider view" is closer to the basic and truth than you think.

Also, it allows me to see things at a wider angle. 

I also enjoy listening to their worlds. In particularly I like "I dun sell features, I provide a service whereby the features are benefits that help you make a decision"

So I shouldn't teach facts/ skills. I should package them as a tool that help them cope with the system of assessments. LOL

Also, there are so many refreshing perspectives. For example, I for one really like to try what it is like to be self-employed, but the reverse is true too, the self-employed like to experince working for "someone". We all like to venture to unknown territory, maybe that is why humans are scavengers and hunters first, exploring new landscapes before they become agriculturalists.

Also, while we see all the aura and glory of someone, the simple wishes of that party could well be something u grasped in your palm and have little regards for. 

This downtime, the most precious part beside having more time with myself and my wife. Is meeting up with friends. I still have 2 appointments lined up! I am looking forward to them! To feel I am part a particle in the sand and not the ocean. To know that beside the earth, there is the solar system and beyond that "Star Wars" LOL


  1. Sillyinvestor,

    In marketing or sales, we say, "Don't sell the beef; sell the sizzle!"

    Which is the same as what you've said, "Sell the benefits; not the features."


    That's the biggest benefit of blogging to me.

    I voiced one view and I get 4 different viewpoints pointing right back at me...

    I blog not to give; I blog to receive!

    1. Hey SMOL,

      U give also ok. I told my wife about u. She seems interested in getting you to share your experience in sales to her pupils. The cute thing is, she asked : free huh

      I say where got free, treat him lunch. She says ok.

      Lol. Contribute back to society ok

  2. Haha, sometimes insiders who are too focused on the job became the true outsiders :) I think life lord of the rings, we need people around us to support us and to encourage us. It's like Frodo is the bearer of the ring but around him there are so many who can't really take the burden off, but can nevertheless share the burden by just being around.

    You need to meet up more with outsiders to gain a balanced perspective ;)

    1. LP,

      I am going to cheer and motivate myself more. I just decided / thoughts of writing this 2 lines and decorate it then hang it on my table ....it is also from a conversation I had with a classmate who is having a hard time at work. The line that cheers her up and what she says that leave a impression combined goes like this:



    2. Beautiful :)

      Haha, SMOL got free food again!

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      You are overcharging. I won't give referral commission to you OK?

      My going rate for speaking or consulting engagement is:

      "I'll do anything for a drink!"

      I'm cheap or what!?


    4. SMOL, but you don't drink. :P

      Hi SI,

      Speak to more people especially the positive and optimistic ones. When bad things happen, it is human nature to feel why it has to fall on me, but when we talk to these people who look at things from a different angle you will realize that things ain't that bad after all.

      The festive period is here. Care for an Asahi?

    5. Hi Derek,

      I have realised we just have to talk to the right people.

      Not point pouring your heart out to the wrong people. Not that they are bad people. But your colleagues are colleagues ... Perhaps those who play multiple roles as friends work too .... But some colleagues are just colleagues

      I dun drink too. Of all vices ... I only have women vice and it's just contained in my head. Lol

      Sure. The holiday is packed already but when there is time,
      Let's catch up with a drink

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