Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Random thoughts: Change...

Why do we need to change? 

1) Because I need to adapt to the surroundings.

2) Because I want to.

Option 1 is not a choice, we adapt to survive or to thrive. 

Option 2 is a conscious choice. You need 4 elements, the mind, the heart, the action and time.

Any one is the gate to the other. No need to rush. Keep thinking about it, one day, when your heart awaken to it, you will do it, and with time, you change.

Keep doing it, one day, you will understand why it is worth it.  I am talking about option 2, sorry if u keep doing your work because you need to in order to get your pay, doesn't count. Keep doing it and it become a habit.

You don't change overnight. 

You can. It's simple but difficult. Don't tell me you can't. There is no goodness in man if we can't.

We have a choice. 

Takes time. Dun give up. Keep it in your mind, if you can't act on it. Once u act on it, and you cannot do it wholeheartedly, and you relapse, it's ok.

Takes time. U have a choice. Choice is regardless of circumstances. 


  1. Hi SI,

    This is an important mindset change. If you always think that circumstances forces you to do it unwillingly, then you might be very unhappy about it. If you change your mindset and think that you want to do it, the outcome might be the same, but the journey there will be so much lighter and bearable.

    Technically easier to change yourself than the environment too, haha

    1. Yes, LP,

      But I am actually think more of the environment also makes it easy to not do the change.

      U can live it as it is, Status quo.

      No, I want it different, I do it ... If time
      And time, my heart say otherwise, we never really change.

      When my heart say go and I went, I keep
      Reminding myself go for it again. Then I had change, regardless of circumstances.

      When the circumstances change, I am still the changed me.

      I changed, not adapt.

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