Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Random thoughts: cost of a child...

My first unsolicited Father's Day gift.

Priceless. I am out of point? Quite ex. We bought insurance for him, had an endowment plan for his university, cord bank on top of the most hefty expense of education. 

I think it will add up to a thousand a month? At least?

He has no tuition by the way, only swimming lessons.

If u want a child but worried about your finances, u should, if u are in bad debt.

But if u are thinking about saving 60k or X amount before having a kid. I say forget it. The older you are, the lower the chances.

My friend wanted "stability" before marriage. He told me the 60k to
Pay for this and that. That was 6-7 years ago? 2 years ago I was his "brother" for his wedding.

Recently, he told me he married too late and is very worried about not able to have a child. 

Not everything can count by dollars and cents. 

If my 1 month $1000 get compounded by 9% PA, when will I be financially free? 

I don't know. I have no regrets, only happiness. 

I worried about money too. Regular readers know I don't have much savings after every month. I have a car and a maid, your typical pampered Singaporean who is a bad example in the financial bloggersphere. 

Turn back clock, I will try for a second child earlier. No regrets with having my son. 


  1. Hi SI,

    It's still priceless. No amount of money can buy it lol

    1. Er... LP,

      Can I say something very off? I am willing to pet with it for 10 k LOL!!!! U want to buy??

      Arh!! Money! Not shoes. Who throw at me.

  2. Sillyinvestor,

    What we are today are the results of decisions we have made (or did not make).

    This is life.

    We choose our own poison; and let's drink with no regrets!


    1. Yes. SMOL,

      We are where we are for our choices. Even if there is regrets, lets suck our thumbs after that drink and move on.


      We never know how we will turn out eventually until a nail goes to
      Our coffin

  3. Worry less about money
    I want to have a kid also can't
    Now almost imposible.
    I pity for my Husband if not because of me, he will have a happy family with kids now.

    Maybe we should not married in the first place.

    1. Yeh,

      Read for SMol say. I said if I can turn back clock. But there is not if.

      Only I will.

      It might be a blessing for all. Not every "normal marriages" are blissful

  4. Think too much over money stability and money not enough will likely to stay single or childless.

    Later decide to marry at 50s and likely to be mistaken as grandpa. :-(

    1. Hmm... Mistaken as grandpa means still very power lei CW.

      I told my friend I had a special diet. Dun know if he tried it. My friend is a very nice guy. Hope he succeed.

  5. one not enough lar! Ask our garment, they want

    nice picture!

    1. I know not enough Rolf, lol. He keep
      Complaining of boredom.

      But I think somewhat we close shop already ...

      How many u had huh??

    2. 3 and planning for one more!

    3. Min is two. 2 or 3 yrs apart is nice.

    4. Mine as follows son (1988) daughter (1990) XXX (miscarriage, 1992) son (1995); otherwise I would have completed my parenthood responsibility three years earlier in 2013

    5. Hi Rolf and CW,

      Respect!! For both of u ... Gahmen role models

  6. Replies
    1. Hi starlight, the toughest period is actually the first 2 years. There's after it get easier

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