Friday, September 9, 2016

Random thoughts: How did I miss a multi-bagger

Cogent, that is.

I thought I got a steal taking a 35% profits within months. ( 5 years of projected dividends at one go, 7 years of actual dividends)

But it went to double its price.

Nothing new happen. The growth drivers are not new, not sure why Mr Market value it so much higher at close to 20 PE now.

Could I have avoid it? Again the debate of buy and hold Versus sell when the going is good.

Perhaps, we sell when we considered it over-valued rather than looking at gains. 

The most important lesson, perhaps it's from Brexit.

Always assume another Brexit, what are the stocks that u will not let go even if u have to risk losing all the capital gains and perhaps even endure the losses to accumulate more. 

Building "cash"'is more important than building portfolio as it build 2M at the same time, mind and money. 


  1. Multi-baggers will come with zero-beggars. No free lunch in the market.

  2. ?? catch no balls... care to elaborate

  3. It has been a quiet market for many.

    Cogent provides some excitement isn't it? Haha

    Earlier in the year, think cogent was briefly covered by The Edge as one of the potential stock that can do well. So they manage to spot on.

    1. Solace,

      It's not actually very quiet ...

      The revival of reits albeit a very short-lived one, especially for office reits.

      The sharp fall of Telcos, the continuous worsening of Shipping until
      hanjin brought some excitement to containers' freight rates.

      Kinda of exciting. Actually, cogent does not hurt as bad as Silverlake axis. Cogent I had my share of profits, we can never know its peak, and I feel the drivers are not worth that much. The full operations of the sexy Logistic hub 1 while ingenious, can proved growth perhaps for 1 year only ? I won't bet on Malaysia operations ... I have not read about if the jurong island, maybe they got it.?

      The crux of the rise, I believe it's driven less by earnings buy the potential of a buyer.

      Silverlake is painful, while
      It got its "earnings"
      Right, Brexit made me "run" that's why the lesson is more for silverlake axis than anything. Silverlake axis is no nagger but it's has raisen 25% in the matters of months, and could well follow cogent...

      Suck my thumbs lol

  4. Never heard to cogent. What business is it in?

    1. Mainly logistic. If they hit the jurong island contract, then it is development and logistic, BTO wing

  5. 有时候时机不成熟, 会是一把双刃剑。 而等待和忍耐, 是一种智慧的表现。

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