Sunday, November 13, 2016

Random thoughts: Pokémon exhibition at SEA

My weekend outing.
It is quite a ex exhibition, for $8, u get a pokeball, and u can use it interact with 4 machines to get clues on what Pokémon is hidden in it. There are 8 machines, some with clues like height or weight is just a waste of time.

The funny thing is, when u use your pokeball at the end to reveal the answer, you pokeball is actually reset and u can play with the various machines again, like clue on their voice, shadow etc.

So, if u really want to have fun, go in a group, solve the puzzle, but do not tell each other the answer. Once u reset the ball and gotten your answer, swop it with your friend and play it again. 

LOL... cheapskate I know ... 

The photo taking session with pikachu is at 430 pm if u are interested. 



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