Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Random thoughts: Wrong

My concept of "Right" and "wrong" is always evolving.

I used to self-righteous when I was a teenager, then I saw different perspectives such as time, place, intention and stand etc, I felt it is a world of grey.

It seldom bothers me anymore, what wrongs other do unless it very badly affect me, which seldom happens. It should not anyway, for example, if u say you have chosen the "wrong" wife, then it would  really badly affect a person, but how can that be? In such a case, like a failed marriage, I would have to bear big responsibilities too, it would be wrong to have a "victim" mentality. In "Victim" mentality, we ceded control and responsibility to external factors.

However, it is possible to be a "perpetrator". I now understand the phrase "when u own the bank 1 million, it's your problem, but when u owned the bank 10 billion, it's a bank problem" There is indeed the choice of "lesser evil" after balancing all trade-offs, and decide a "wrong" affect less people, then "correcting" it does.

I am giving myself an excuse to do wrong, so just excuse me.


  1. Hi SI

    We're long way more to go. Some old timers in workplace plays the "victim" card very well.

    How right could they be in the wrong and how wrong could they be in the right?

    1. Er STI,

      That sound like a tongue twister.

      The wrong in the eye of the beholder

      The right might be more painful

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