Saturday, November 5, 2016

Random thoughts: Avenger station and Genting Jurong

It is a family day. Went to Avenger station exhibition at science center. Avenger Exhibition is a "business" of Cityneon. So do I like it?

I don't. I ask my son and godson, do they prefer Avenger or plain simple "science center" which we visited too. My son preferred science center.

This is a lot of "ho-ha" at the entrance of Avengers, downloading App, logging into their Wifi, registering etc.

It seems like there is "customize" interactive exhibits. I was expecting a blow-away experience, since I heard Las Vegas exhibition is a big success. 

No lor, the app is quite a letdown. The unlocking of "quiz", "photo templates", and videos and audios are quite "redundant. 

The scoring is only through quiz. The long queue at Iron Man zone, to put it plainly, it just a Wii Game (movement sensor) with a big TV and it is hardly even a game. The killing of Ultrons I suspect is "automatic" as long as you move your hand. 

Boring, is my personal verdict, and I prefer Science Center, with a free Science Show about "sound" that is surprising entertaining. 

There is a new exhibit on Climax change, and with my son older and able to read the instructions, the exhibits are really interactive. I was also quite mesmerize by the 21th day hatching of chicks, and I see chicks trying to break open their shell. 

I went Genting Jurong to scuttlebutt. Yes, I am interested in Genting Singapore, but that is before the recent strong Quarter. 

Genting Jurong has only 1 F&B outlet which only serve Buffett. I am surprise, and it is not cheap. It is $45. It is also rather cram, although it's lobby is classy. I do not see any entertainment. 

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