Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Coporate updates: Further liquidation of portfolio

Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that over a short span of 3 months, Sillyinvestor inc has manage to have 2 counters that hit targets of gains of 32% and 39% respectively. The 2 counters are Yangzijiang and Venture.

We are now 65% cash. Our company will not rush to deploy the cash. While the market is on a row, we decide to take risk off the table as we felt we might not be able to time the market correctly and get the maximum profits. 

YZJ holding period is only about 4 months, and Venture is 13 months.

If we find no opportunity over the next 2-3 years, we will just delist


  1. Hi SI,

    Congrats on your profit in YZJ and Venture. Hmm, more and more companies delisting from SG...

    1. Hi Farmer,

      Thank you very much. Trump is making everyone having a honeymoon. I bet u throw a stone and u will hit an investor with profits.

      Think over the next few years, I will concentrate on savings rate than investment rate if no opportunity present itself.

  2. Sillyinvestor,

    "Think over the next few years, I will concentrate on savings rate than investment rate if no opportunity present itself."

    Now this statement displayed a lot of wisdom for someone with a "silly" nick ;)

    P.S. Lock in profits at above 30% plus. If can cut-loss within -15%, you'll come out on top in the long term.

    Much better than profit 15% plus; realised losses -30% plus ;)

    You know your math!

    1. SMOL,

      I be very honest with u. I didn't intent to sell Venture, I was caught out by the advance order.

      I remember very clearly I already cancel the order. But I guess when u have order for 7 days, u need to cancel everyday?

      Because when Venture price recovered, it got sold off.

      Nvm. I already think I know what I will do next time. If I really like it so much, I will just get it back at the same price later. I dun think it will cheong further

    2. Oh one more thing.

      Even if we lock in 40% gain and cut loss at 15%. Our returns are forgettable if we cut twice and take profits once. Worse!! Cut thrice and take profits once. Go fly card if only cut anf cut but no take profits

  3. Hi SI,

    Wah, got declare special dividends or not? :)

    I'm still on buying spree, and now about 30% cash. I let my net out to the open sea, still not time to retrieve the net and capture my harvest yet :)

    1. Wow,

      I remember you do guerilla tactics. This must be a prime target involving heavy artillery and one that will cripple Mr Market. LOL

      BO chio, I can be a pest ally, take the loot but watch the fighting ...

      May u have bountiful harvest

  4. Hi SI

    Congrats on the gains.

    Privatization offer soon. Special dividend.

    Like LP, I am also still casting my net wide (currently 90% vested). Probably will harvest soon enough also :D

  5. Hi B,

    I like your analogy of casting the net and harvesting

    I hope younger and more beginning investors have this in mind when reading blogs. Then we all cast and keep at different times and we fish at different depths. Some go for big fish "in deep water", some scope the surface.

    I was at a point 90% vested too; some good call and some bad call. Before Brexit, I was almost 100% vested during black Monday. Brexit scare the shit out of me and I seldom do more than 80% then.

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