Friday, March 17, 2017

Random thoughts: Family time making DIY photo frame

My wife's school doing a fund raising. Ask teachers to do DIY photo frames.

So here we go. 

One of the ugliest using recycled material is mine sobz sobz. Of the 3 wooden frame, one is done by me alone. Can u guess which one?





Rather pleased with myself. Ask my son "nice?" He said "Nice" resoundingly for one and laugh at the other . Hoho 

Ok now. Market survey! Let's have fun. Proceed go to charity or school's fund. If u are at the school flea market, which one will u buy? And how much will u pay?

Assume u have to buy la. Show some face can. Virtual world quiz. Don't hurt my feelings and say "pay me also dun want"


  1. Hi SI,

    I'll get the 2nd one for $10. A tip here: Get a nice baby photo or family pic from internet, print it out and attach it inside each photo frame. Then raise the price to $15. If pple ask how come so expensive, you say that the price of seeing your family/wife/kid/husband's face is priceless


    1. Hi LP,

      U are spot on. The school intent to put kids photo during the sport day and jack up the price. LOL

      P knows Marketing skills one ok

  2. Sillyinvestor,

    I have a silly thought.

    Why do schools need to do fund raising for school funds?

    Charity I can understand. Lead through example and care for the less fortunate.

    But school funds???

  3. Hi SMOL,

    While govt funding to school is generous even if u compare to the rest of the world, there might be some programmes or equipments/ services that is "extra"/ niche, that ministry does not pay/ pay fully. Or it's one-off.

    Every schools has their funds for raining days. Because whenever unspent, HQ takes back. This is a double edge sword. But if u ask me, create equal or more problems than it solved.

    Also, Not everything can be planned in advance for a year. At least for me, it's very true. Sometimes I have ideas to do certain things or new things that are not budgeted for, sometimes there are new competitions that are new, and it's not planned for in the budget etc ( even if plan for buffer) transport cost etc, all these need MOS.

    Some special status schools also has less funding, yes u hear right, less for all the ra-Ra things they are doing, and hence u see them constantly raising funds

  4. Hi SI, I would go for the very first one. It looks unique and quirky. Zebra stripes are a great camouflage. Camouflage for what? I don't know yet. I never know what the future brings.
    In terms of how much I would pay: $5 when sold for school fund raising and $50 when sold for a charity that I can identify with.

    1. Hi Andy,

      Long time no see, how are u. Thank you so much. That zebra frame is made by me. If ever we meet up again I give to u Foc plus a big hug for your appreciation.

      I understand why $5 and $50. Most probably I will do the same

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