Thursday, July 6, 2017

1H 2017 Sillyinvestor Inc Intern Report

Chairman Message:

1H2017 is a bull run, with the world drunk on Trump's tax promises, financial deregulation. Sillyinvestor Inc did not gain much from this bull run because there was plenty of profit taking throughout the 1st Half of the year. 1.The company did reach a milestone, and that was the portfolio size including cash finally crosses 100K. We sold Accordia Golf Trust, Yangzijiang, SIngpost and Venture. All except SIngpost were exited with a profit. Singpost Loss is neligible as we manage to buy at a low price.

The only buy action was centered at silverlake axis. The story has pend out as Management expected so far, a special dividend 1.3 cents declared, contract wins continue. The last story is the turnaround in the project service segment with the continued growth in the maintenance segment, Silverlake will then be flying at both cylinders  


Outlook is uncertain. Trumponics is looking weaker and weaker. Nobody cares, but we do. We are still 60% cash, and will be looking at reducing the stake of Silverlake and Lee metal at the right price.  

Operation Review:

We have invested $42k into equity with a market value of 44k. Cash for investing stand at  $60000. This is the second time in a row that we have the portfolio above waters.  

Dividends received for first half is about $910. A sharp drop of more than 50%  from a year ago
Trading profits increased 5 folds yo $4500. Bulk of the profits came from Venture, with YZJ and Accordia Golf Trust taking up the rest. 

Total cash returns over total asset value is is 5.4% A slight improvement from last year 4.6%.

For the second half of the year, we expect earnings to be much worse than the first given the small position size vested, the tactic here is to wait

Online Ad Revenue figure is negligible. 


Start regular contribution to 2 new beneficaries.  Sian Chay Medical Institution and Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution. 


  1. Hi SI ,
    5 folds of trading profit !! Wow Wow ,, great !! another Wow,,, after reducing your stake of Silverlake and Lee Metal ,, guess your cash level may hit above 80% ?
    Cash is King !!
    Cheers !!

    1. Hi STE,

      Hmm... if I reduce, maybe 70% cash. But dun think I have a chance la. Aiya the trading is a no. Game. Last year first half I cut loss for a counter, that's why profits very low Ma. Muhahahaha

      Btw, I left a comment on your blog about HPH, u never receive

  2. Hi SI,

    I always found your SI Inc posts very cute. Maybe I should go start my own. Kekeke

  3. Sillyinvestor,

    I know you young. Do spare a thought for the young-at-heart...

    How to read the tiny fonts?

  4. Hi!

    Didn't know you sold accordia aldy... at what price and any posts on that?


    1. If iirc, it is at 66-67 cents? On hindsight, j am
      Better off holding it ...

      There is nothing fundamentally changed. I wanted to hold more cash as I felt a correction is imminent. I was wrong.

      But at least I exit with a profit

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